Saturday - insert your own punchline here 🦝

Alright? Saturday, 730am, been up since 6 for no good reason.

Going to do a run in a bit, prob 90 mins or so. Then back to watch the footie. Seeing various bits of family this afternoon which should be nice.

What you got lined up? Who’s traveling somewhere fun? Who is going to eat the best breakfast pastry?


Going to do a run as pre emptive penance for the absolute monster of a session I’ll be having today.

Train to Bradford 11ish to watch the England game, then Colchester - Bradford, then a train to Leeds to watch Newcastle - Villa, then protomartyr at the Brudenell, then presumably Mezcal Margaritas in Leeds. All with a primo selection of DiSers.

Might have to have a nap at the gig


Just as I was getting into bed last night (1:30ish) the cat brought a tiny mouse in - still alive. Took me ages to catch it, lock the cat in and put the mouse back outside

Then this morning I woke at 7am from a bad dream where I was being mauled by a lioness

Too much empathy for the mouse I guess…

So I’ve spent the last two hours drawing up a release schedule & scouting mastering engineers for the Persian-Goth duo that I have spent a year writing, recording & producing

Probably gonna spend the day/weekend juggling between watching football and finalising mixes

Anglos a Saturday everyone !

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Oh god. He’ll have so many pints


Still feel well dodgy.

Going to a mate’s for bairn related chaos later.

Riding the edge of a hangover from a very nice night, but think I’ve escaped this time

Gonna chill at friends for a bit; maybe a walk or a pub lunch, then off to Leeds to also meet some high quality music forum people

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Driving home

Sad to leave the excellent beaches and that but MrS is still off for a week so can plan fun things in.

I’m still off for 3 so :dancer:


Morning all!

The Child is being delivered back to us around 1.00 so we’re cooking beef stew and dumplings for a thank you lunch.

I’ll be watching the football this morning.


Went for pints with an ATD last night. Woke up an hour ago. Still drunk. Want a KFC.


Knock Knock?
Who’s there?
Saturday who?


One bagel remains and three eggs remain.

Better get that scrambo on toastingtons.

More biking later.

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I’m off to Sheffield for football. but I’m a bit worried that I’m going to get stuck in Sheffield with the reduced trains. I’m booked on the 8:01 back and train after that has been canceled.

So far so good though, I’m on the Purley to St Pancreas. Then a hour wait at St Pancras for the train to Sheffield.


Just rolled out of bed. Gonna have some toasts I reckon.

Not much a doing. Was considering going to watch Alvechurch this afternoon but the forecast looks a bit iffy, so we’ll see.

Primo leeds dis meet checking in.

Also just realised I’ve bought two tickets for the gig if anyone else wants to see protomartyr at the brude tonight.

Work today. South Downs Show

Butser Hill in the background. Lovely part of the world. Gonna be a long day though.



Think he’s already IN


We can offer it around the away end at Bradford


Morning, a good night of drinks and gig with @JaguarPirate also surprised to not be hit by a hangover.

Little bit of Manchester exploring this morning, potential Birmingham lunch on the cards depending on trains.


Train to Sheffield hasn’t been cancelled yet. Just realised I’ll be psssing through @Bamnan territory.