Saturday - insert your own punchline here 🦝

A few months ago I started some work through my old employer, that they later took me off to save them money, against the client’s wishes. They reckoned they could go just as good a job themselves.

The previous employer and the client have now gotten in touch with me to ask if I could possibly “review” the thing to address the client’s “serious concerns”.

The deadline is four days away. I’m going to have to redo the whole thing from scratch.

So that’s what I’ll be doing today, and tomorrow, and Monday.


Need to trim my bush. It’s out of control.


There’s no way anyone would think the blurred pic was a dick pic but nvm

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Partner’s out for the day doing a hike with a friend. Probably going to rain, god speed them both.

First premier league game today and it’s at home, which means guttural screaming outside my window is back baby awoooooo

We impulse bought Guitar Hero off eBay and it turned up yesterday so I’ll probably just spend all day playing that tbh

the avengers hulk GIF


the critically-acclaimed Immortal Hulk right there


Correct, hit the plunge on a Twickets spare yesterday. @safebruv think I might know someone for the spare

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And it’s been cancelled with two minutes to go.

I guess I’m not going to football then. I won’t have a seat on the next train and it will be rammed.

At least I can get a refund but £30 lost on my match ticket. FFS

I can get the next train but I’ll be standing all the way to sheffield.

I want to go but I think it’s far too risky to get back.

  • Stand on a packed train for 2 Hours and risk not getting back
  • Get a refund
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They’ll have to get you home (or worst case put you in a hotel) one way or another…

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I took the crap option and got a refund. I’ll only be anxious all day about getting back. Plus my train isn’t to 8 and it’s the last train.
Text a pal and heading to waterloo to watch England instead.

I guess I can’t claim for match tickets.



Need to go and get my wedding suit altered today, then off to a (daytime) housewarming party straight from there. Then need to come home and pack for a week by the sea. You’d think that’s quite a lot to fit in today and I should get ready but I’m still sat drinking coffee and listening to records.

I had more productive plans for today but I had a really late night last night so the most I’ve done is do weird improv guitar stuff in my pajamas

Jammy jam jamming if you will

Um lammer esque

They can have it if they want

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Was bought fruit pastilles for the journey and they are HORRIBLE

So sour.

Kids claimed there were no skittles in the garage which I cannot fathom.

5 hours (minimum) to go :crazy_face:

They’ve gone to shit since they went vegan


Might be worth an email to EMR saying it fucked your plans for the day and left you out of pocket, etc, etc on the off chance of some sort of goodwill gesture. Probably won’t get anything with the government micromanaging everything these days but worth a shot, I’d say.

Especially as it was cancelled because of a train fault rather than “industrial action”.

Matt Tebbutt just said “big man” to the chef


Hello friends

I’m in Sheffield for my besties bday, yesterday we had a nice sunset walk up Stanage Edge and then despite me being roundly mocked for my highly innovative clues, my team won Code Words in a best out of 3 :sunglasses:

Barbecue today, there is a lot of food planned so I better get up soon and start helping prep. Bed so comfy tho :sleeping:

Ooh just been handed a BLT in a bread cake :yum:
:sparkles: Breakfast in bed :sparkles:


We’ve only just gone past the half way point!