saturday is the day that it is

morning troops

what you up to?

  • doing stuff
  • not doing stuff

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If by “stuff” you mean “the same stuff that we’ve been doing every Saturday since the weather was last reasonably warm - which was last September” then yes, we’re doing stuff. Go for a walk, make pizza, watch a film.


Going to St. Albans to be fitted for a suit for my brother’s wedding, watch eurovision and then tomorrow play footgolf

Dunno, gonna make up a piece and walk aimlessly.

Looking at the map for a piece of green in Glasgow i might have missed.


pretty much aye

glasgow still in :lock: :arrow_down: so i can’t go anywhere else

gonna go chuck a frisbee in a field later then probably watch the giro

Off to Derby to have street food and cocktails

Listening to Mdou Moctar. Making breakfast. Then off to football with my son

12 hours til Eurovision x

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  • Fuck yes!
  • Fuck off!

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Knew it was you who’d started the thread before I’d even clicked on it.

Might go for a bike but it looks cold and miserable. Might go to Decathlon instead.

Then Giro :mountain_biking_man::mountain_biking_man::mountain_biking_man:

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Going to work :disappointed_relieved:

Going to my first museum since jan 2020 :smiling_face_with_tear:


Morning all!

The Child is at gymnastics this morning and then staying at her friend’s house tonight. I’m playing football this morning.

We’re going out for dinner later.


Going to optician to try on :sunglasses:

Then this afternoon going to see Adam Buxton talking about his Ramblechat book. Which I think has been postponed 3 times now so v excited.

Might get a burger while we’re out.



I’m having some time on my own this morning, to break up the routine of work and family time, so I think I’ll go over to Shoreham with my camera and a long lens and see if there’s any surfers out this morning.

More excitingly, tonight I’ll be seeing some real live music. There’s a film being shown as part of Brighton Festival with a live soundtrack written and performed by Gwenno. Can’t wait!