Saturday is the day today thread


I’ve been awake since about 5 cos I made the mistake of going to bed early

Watching love island for some reason even though I stopped watching it

Bit hungover, had some nice squid in the pub last night

Need to go into town to pick up a record I got my daughter for her birthday. Should go for a bike as well but I need to get over this hangover really

I also need to sort out my spare room. Used to be “the kids room” but I can’t really legitimately call it that anymore. At some point I’ll get it together to spend the free money work will give me to get a desk and make it a home office. But it’s literally impossible to think about office furniture for long enough to actually open a web page

Anyway I’m rambling - how’s your Saturday looking?


Morning Tim

I’m also up early, will be a long day as a result. But I’m enjoying the sun slowly spreading on one more early Danish morning, so can’t complain really.



Having some cereal and a cup of tea then I’m off to spend a couple of hours on the picket line.


Hi, mates.



Early isn’t it!

Having a coffee and just ate some breakfast biscuits while baby s_w has her post breakfast nap.

Mr s_w is at a car event, Festival Of The Unexceptional (its a big deal in the car calendar apparently) with the Moskvich.

So im spending the day with my mum today which will be nice. We’ll have some nice lunch somewhere I hope!


Morning sugars

Up early because of camping with toddlers and a dog

Still…going to rustle up some sausage sangers and slowly head home for a nap :star_struck:


Realised I have nothing in the house for breakfast. So that’s a start


Morning all!

I stayed up too late playing computer games and was woken up in the middle of the night by dickeads next door and their car stereos.

We’re driving to Edinburgh for a community BBQ. It’ll be fine but it’s a two hour round trip to stand in the park, eat some food and be on my best behaviour all day.

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Gooooood morning

Late to bed and early up, with a bit of a foggy head. Not too bad though.

Plan today is jobs around the flat - cleaning, tidying and making room. I’m gonna squeeze a nap in too.

Then off to see Gilberto Gil at the Barbican tonight which I’m hoping will be good.


Up at 6 because Emma’s off on her hen do. Exciting and terrifying.

Now wondering if I’ll do anything productive with my free weekend, or sit here on my phone with the commonwealth games on wasting time until her return tomorrow, at which point I’ll regret everything.


Morning all. Raining here, but should stop off shortly before the dog needs a walk.

Still in a decent chunk of pain following my professional attempt at falling out of my loft. Bashed my arm up pretty good.

Got some leftover fajita business so will make quesadillas at some point.

Nottingham Pride today so I’ll be seeing a couple pals perform live with a couple pals

Off to Saltaire.

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I think there’s a ghost in this picture. I’ve heard that’s a thing when people don’t realise until they get the film developed. Spooky.


I am a little bit hungover! I also have a sore throat so really hoping it isn’t Covid again!

Just read sir keir as sir kefir, and now i want some kefir. Anyway i think my brother is making pancakes for breakfast by the smell of things so im going to go down now

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Got food poisoning, again. Been on the pot for three days, throwing up for the first two. Not eaten solid food since Wednesday.

Need to go veggie, asap. I’m sure vegetarian people still get the odd bout of it, but it always seems to be after I’ve eaten meat (as much as you’re only ever guessing, and it could be something different entirely).

Going to have to lie on the couch and watch films, football and wrestling all day, which I hate.

Dreamt I had a big party at my parents house with loads of people from secondary school and some other randomers. The lighting was horrible, no ambience just the harsh big light in every room. Everytime I tried to have a drink it would go all over me. I’d open a bottle and it would immediately fizz up and soak my legs. My mum made some girl from school a big full English breakfast and I somehow accidentally slid across the room on my chair and smashed straight into it. Then some fella walked in and said “RIGHT, HOW MANY OF YOU HERE FANCY GETTING TAXIS INTO WIGAN?” and everyone put their hands up.


Morning my babes.

Was writing a really positive post about the things I’m excited about, but halfway through my step mum called me and was like “I’m fine but I’ve had a fall, can you come over and water the pots in the garden and get me some bits from the shop?”
Obviously I’m like yeah of course, this afternoon?
“Can you get in the shower and come over within an hour?”


I mean I’m glad she feels she can call me and that, BUT.

Gws! Yes in all my years of veganism i never had food poisoning. Have had dairy issues as a vegetarian though

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