Saturday is the day today

I’ve just checked.

Bread in the oven.
Going to attempt to DIY some furniture later.
Last day of the season :cry:

Have a good weekend all


Pissing down here. Nothing much planned again. Currently watching paw patrol with the bairn. My living room is currently a bombsite; the bairn has far too much stuff.

Not a very exciting update. What diy are you doing?

I’m off to Leeds to see pals.


Hi tuna and mcshine and jordan

Got to disassemble a toddler bed and then assemble a larger bed once ikea deliver it.

Looking up recipes so I can make a shopping list but feeling very uninspired and oddly stressed by it.

Also need to avoid arguing with my brother, ideally. Going to be difficult.

Nah, doesn’t feel like a Saturday.

Try again tomorrow.

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I’ve woken up with Teenage Dirtbag in my head


Morning all!

I’m picking Wor Lass up from the hospital at some point.

Ello everyone! I had an absolute nightmare of a night as in trying to get some sleep. Feel surprisingly phresh right now but I’m predicting a crrrraaaaassssshhh later on

“Torque wrench set,” is it aye? :eyes:


Morning all…

Catching up with the morning show episode I fell last night. Then it’s eggs and some more tea.

Taking R for haircut before the rain comes in this afternoon. Might watch a film then…

Everyone knows the BEST thing about Saturdays right??!!

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Morning tuna, morning all. It’ll be a day of work as soon as Amazon Doesn’tWorkSpaces pulls its finger out of its arse and start working. When it does, that’s my day until 10pm.

Only one sleeps to go before @colon_closed_bracket super roast day!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Gonna attempt to make a stand for amp, records, and TT

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I have apologising to do today because I woke the TV up at 5:55am by slapping them on the nose.

I know I was dreaming about being chased by a wasp.

I sowwy :pleading_face:

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What kind of chippy does mashed potatoes?

Battered mash is probably good though


That is so Scottish

I’m thinking a little ball of mash with some mushy peas, encased together in batter and served with a duo of tartare and curry sauce.