SATURDAY is Tiswas thread

Too early I know, heading home from work in 53 minutes and it’s been hellabusy. Will be Zzzzzsoon.



Have a good rest. I’m on 8am to 8pm’s today and tomorrow.


Back up to the hospital again. Hoping to be discharged today.


Work schmirk. Just want to stay in bed :sob:

Made raspberry oaty pancakes for the silly toddler. They’ve been broadly rejected in favour of the yogurt we had to “dip dip” them in.


Is it based on the baby latching? Our daughter never did and we had to get a bit grumpy with them to let us leave in the end

More to make sure that he his healthy. How feeding has been fine, but they’ll want to observe him after his stay in NICU

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Okay cool. Best of luck. Babies are great but man do they wreck the nerves

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


All the best mate. Hope you get to take them home today xxx


Got a bit of work to do this morning. Don’t really mind because all the days are the same now aren’t they?

Morning all. Drank too much wine and sent some ill advised texts last night but woke up to a reply that said ‘hang in there! Have a great weekend’ so figure perhaps the world isn’t ending after all. Still can’t even bear to go back and squint at whatever I did say.

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Morning all!

We’re taking The Child to gymnastics and that’s pretty much all we have planned.

I’m intending to make a greengrocer’s hotpot for tea but I’m not totally sure I can be bothered.

In-laws here. Their dog shat in my living room. Honey and I are hiding in the bedroom listening to the wicker man soundtrack.


Barleysugar just ordered a McDonald’s breakfast

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I am so hungover

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Was thinking about getting up and going to my desk to do some work but then remembered it was saturday. What do people even do on saturdays?

Coffee and a bagel, I suppose

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Morning. God I was properly smashed yday. Got a bit over excited as I have a week off and my little sister is coming to stay for half the week :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
We were supposed to be in Wales together with another friend too, though :cry:


Computer games

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Goooood morning :blush:
Hope everyone is well. Woke up feeling all shaky but realised it’s cause I didn’t eat anything yesterday- just straight up forgot. Whoops. No plans as of yet, might just spend the day studying in bed.