SATURDAY is Tiswas thread

Mario is arriving today so I’ll mostly by setting up elaborate race tracks around living room and kitchen.


You can make up for it today by eating 48 kit kats


Oh for fucks sake, just got an email saying one of the boxes of kitkats I ordered has been dispatched. Forgot I ordered those.


This takes me back to the beginning of lockdown when I bought 96 creme eggs


Oh yeah!! God, that feels like a lifetime ago.
How long did they last again? :smiley:

Are they all gone?
Did you bake anything with them or eat them all raw?

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Super Mario?

  • You’re charming and a gorgeous gnome
  • You’re a drunken fool

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How many did you pop in your bum?

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I suppose I could do that final 14% of Ori :thinking:

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Is it wrong to answer this like I’m judging myself?

Because I am always a drunken fool. But other people tell me I’m quite charming. So you must fit into the same category.

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He got us pancakes and syrup as a breakfast pudding treat but they forgot to put the syrup in :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
And they forgot the milk for our teas :sob::sob::sob:

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That depends on how many races he wins

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Lucky bastard

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Raw :smiley:


Yes it is. This poll is about ME. I am the star of the poll :wink:

At least you can get a maccy Ds delivered. No such luck here ffs.

Additionally, pretty sure Uber got banned here about 6 months ago yet they still operate as normal

Guessing the license hasn’t expired yet or something

Great post


Fucking hell I’m so sorry for your loss

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Woke up with that bloody Puff Puff Give song stuck in my head, it won’t get out. It’s very grey here today, probably going to make a cake. Merry weekends!

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