saturday is upon us once again

good morning!!

up before 8am ffs. gonna spend the day pottering about at home. going to a BBBQ tonight but i’m not too optimistic about the weather if truth be told. but first… it’s coffee time, baby!!111

what’s your plans today, DiS?

Aight Eric.

Parkrunning, meeting a pal in Edinburgh for lunch, flying to Porto.


It seems kind of cool out for now at least, maybe i’ll be able to exercise today

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Windy as fuck down here. Going to try and get to work without being blasted off across the fields like some kind of Devon Mary Poppins. Woke up mega early so made some cinnamon rolls and started rereading the Bruce Springsteen book and now I just want to do that all day instead of work.


Up at 5:15 because that’s totally normal :expressionless:

Had some sausage sarnies and a coffee.

Off to the football in a bit. 12:30 kick off means on the beer early. Could go either way come 5pm :laughing:

Day off my g’s
Gf on a hen do so house free


Mooch about in a coffee shop
Home for Pizza, booze and as many episodes of ‘the boys’ I can get through before falling asleep

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Going the go to the gym, spend the afternoon cooking lunches for the week and the go to Hackney this evening to some what I assume is some overpriced Hipster hellhole.
It’s our third 40th in 4 weeks, I just want to sit in and watch a film. :confused:

I’m all tucked up at my sister’s house in rural Wales. There’s a heck of a wind outside and it’s so bloody cosy. No plans for today except lots of tea drinking and maybe ambling in to the village to buy the papers.



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Wish this wind would fuck off. Can a Manchester DiSer advise me on what to wear today weather wise.

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Seeing my nan today :heart_eyes: it has been far too long.



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Windy with the odd heavy shower :man_shrugging:

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Jeans, t-shirt, hoody/jumper. Take a raincoat with you if you’re going outside.

Morning V, all,

So ready for some food. Skipped dinner last night, save for a handful of almonds. Going to make smoothies and eggs on toast and coffees and YIKES! just can’t wait.

going to a BBQ this afternoon but i’m not too optimistic about the weather if truth be told.



Forgot to make it last night so no coffee for me :frowning:

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Had these minus the the jumper, cheers

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I know. I’m not proud of our actions but rest assured, today will be FULL, like chockablock full of food.

Hi my dudes, I am in Basildon with the in-laws. Currently enjoying a lie in while they fuss over the baby. Drank too many wanker beers with my father in law so feeling a bit tender this morning. He has developed a lethal taste for double IPAs.

Going to hang out then wife and I are having a teenage date night in Bas Vegas tonight - Pizza Express, Cineworld and then Chicago Rock for shit cocktails. Wild.