Saturday is what day it is today

Alright? I’m about to get up and get ready and go to work, and I do not really want to do that. Going to be another busy one, then home to do something about the ants that have taken up residence in our kitchen, so that’ll be fun. Anyway I’ll stop moaning and you can tell me what you’re doing with Saturday…


Tiny human alarm clock has had me up far too long already so it feels like it should be afternoon. Also insisting on doing art things so sitting at the table and I can’t just snooze on the couch while he plays.

I believe it is @Witches birthday today, so happy birthday Witches! :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada::jack_o_lantern::owl:

DiS film club tonight is action films so that should be fun.


Good morning @Funkhouser and all others who post below here :arrow_down: :arrow_down: plus @Flashinglight who is quicker at replying than I am (and is an all-round Very Good Egg)

Today’s plans:

  • pop to the Big Tesco first thing
  • go out for a walk after breakfast
  • have some nice things for lunch
  • make a Dishoom inspired Indian feast for dinner (including ‘lamb raan’ which looks immense)

I haven’t been out of the house since Monday morning so going out twice in one day is going to be pretty exciting, not gonna lie!!


Morning team!

Woken up at 2.00 and 6.55 by The Child.

The sun is bright.



The ants are staying indoors a per govt advise and you shouldn’t penalise them for that


They should stay in their own home then, my kitchen does not constitute going out for essential shopping.

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Silly baby up at 4 and was really sad - only wanted to sleep while being held. So I’ve been awake far too long.

ooooo u should totally role play a super market at your home. Make tiny lil shelves and trollies and put it by the hole they’re entering from. Put down lil crumbs as loafs of bread!

It’ll be great and when u walk in first thing in the mornijng u can do a tannoy aanouncement


Make them wait outside 2 metres apart and only go round the house one way.

Oh and 3 guinea pigs were born yesterday. They’re much larger than I was expecting and less unpleasant to look at than a lot of baby creatures.


Good morning,

Lying in bed getting anxiety tummy ache worrying about how loudly I was declaring my love for, and the importance of - butter until 2am last night. Hope our neighbours don’t hate us too much :grimacing: and oh great! I posted an awful drunken selfie :grimacing: please ban me from the internet.

Today I’ve got to plan a quiz round for a quiz this eve(whatever happened to just hanging out with your friends talking shite, eh?). Does anyone have any fun facts about baby animals? (I have decided to theme my round ‘baby animals’) and we’re making pizza.

Hope your day isn’t too stressful @Funkhouser!



Ah it shouldn’t be any worse than all the other days. I’ve got an exciting delivery of fence posts to sort out at least.

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I too also hungover and funnily enough last night also was singing about food in the garden at 1am.

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@Twinkletoes might be able to tell something about baby guinea pigs

Edit: le factoi


Imagining this as a sly dig at your own baby.


Apparently baby guinea pricks can eat solid food a few hours after they’re born if weaning doesn’t work as planned. I wish I didn’t know this.


‘It took you 6 months to get this cute, silly baby’


And I thought my 5am wake up was bad, hope you get a nap or something later!

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