Saturday is

Hello. I am awake for no reason.

How are you all today

Hello epimer. I’m awake as a baby doesn’t want to settle down :+1:. Off to work for a fun packed day later

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It’s me. I am baby.


Aww, look at sweet baby epimer

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In work already here. Coffee before it gets hectic.

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Morning eps, @rich-t and @midnightpunk
I’ve not been able to sleep since I got woken up by my dickhead cousin. Can’t wait to call him at midday pretending there’s an emergency to get my own back.
Should probably put some pyjama bottoms on considering I’ve ordered breakfast on ubereats. What a slob




Morning all :wave:

Will probably pop out for a frosty walk somewhere quiet at some stage. Gonna make some burgers for dinner.

Not an awful lot to report here, but it’s nice to be part of the @frenchtoast morning post.


Not a euphemism


Morning all. Spoilered for ssp last night was the first night since the first lockdown where I didn’t have a drink.

How bad slash good is that? I mean, it’s all been relative, some nights one others fifty one, but by god.

Having a green tea with mint and ginger.

When the frost lifts (when the bee stings) ill be going on a bike.


Oh yeah I had a dream that I was married to Prince Harry and I was obsessed with this particular chocolate that fortnum and Mason sold as part of their royal range… But turns out the chocolate in particular had been made by some dude who’d since had mh issues and they didn’t have the recipe. So there’s that.

My C̶h̶i̶l̶d̶ cat has woke me up for basically no reason as far as I can tell. Will be going for a walk today. Need to buy pine nuts and capers, but I’m not sure where will have them

Morning. Woke up at 6 because who knows?

No plans

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


On the ferry lads. Actually escaping this godforsaken rock for a few hours. New car day, which is exciting, although there will be the inevitably stressful moment when they look at my current car, suck in their teeth and go yeah, that trade in figure we quoted ain’t a goer. This is a wreck, mate


Woke at 6.30 because this is my body clock now 🤷

Should get up really.

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At work. Cold innit.




It’s currently - 3 here.

Can anyone beat that??