Saturday, isn't it

Morning, weekend fans! What’s today got in store for you?

I’m meant to be going penoiding in Shepherds Bush today, but I’d need to leave the house in 45 minutes at the latest and I’m currently sat on the end of my bed in my dressing gown and staring at the wall, so we’ll see.

Also I’d traditionally wear my lucky seagulls and chips socks to a tournament but they’re in the wash, and I’m not sure if these lads are going to do it.



haha love One Direction memes



That sums up my day really.

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You got snow chains on the :bike:?

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Today is going to be long (I am very tired and have no plans to distract me from being very tired).

Was going to take jnr swimming but i have a cold and dont think it’s fair to spread my germs.

Long day in store then of nothing.

I could have still been asleep too, really misjudged the situation :-1:

Oh fucking hell it’s snowing.

OU study
Spring cleaning

My life is on fire!!!

Morning all

No snow today, no Low yesterday :frowning:

Unusually I don’t really have a plan for the day. Got friends coming over for dinner later; might pop to the football this afternoon. It’s looking a bit miserable for a walk, which is a shame. Tomorrow is looking :sunny: though.

Got to drive to Wiltshire in a bit, tired and not really feeling it.

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Was gonna do my first park run but it’s frozen off. About to go for a run anyway. First time ive tried ‘running’ in about 5 years. Should be interesting.


Cannot get R to wake up, total sleepy head. I have missed out on over an hour of extra sleep.

What you studyin hun

Hi everyone :wave:

Hope you all have a nice day.

Preeeetty quiet one for me.
Change the brake pads on my bike, have a bit of a tidy round. Out for a birthday thing later.

BIG footy game on the telly.

Gonna have some #eggs for breakfast

Should have worn a hat. Idiot.

Says I’ve liked this even though i didn’t

How can i change your mind