Saturday, it's early


Up early for work and it’s bloody snowing outside. Do not want. Dont even have time to make coffee, fffuuuu.



Morning! Got a black coffee and Nutella on toast :+1: Driving up north in a bit to see parents. Doesn’t look like it’s going to get above 0deg all weekend :grimacing:


Snow here. No plans. Was thinking of heading to Brockley Market for a mooch but not sure I cba.

Really irked that I’m awake.


Morning leaders of the free world. Sitting in bed with baby whilst wife makes coffee. Going the gym later this morning. No sign of the substance named snow


It is grim as af outside ffs. Hurry up bus.


I’m out in a bar making the most of my last night here. Flight in 12 hours. Do not want.


Are you getting a lot of ohh heyy i love your accent


Off to get a train to watch wolves with workmates.

Kill me now.


Just lying in bed. Probably do a fair bit of work today.

Bought a fancy frank green reusable cup yesterday so want to get a fancy coffee put in it… but will probably just get a free one from waitrose.


In bed. A bit hungover but nothing dreadful.
Off to the science museum and an art gallery later :+1: :nerd_face:

No snow here yet :confused:


Up early for gym!
I’m going to attempt a triple class (1 peloton, 1 spin, 1 weight lifting)

First I need :coffee:


I knew I was forgetting something.
I need a coffee… :roll_eyes:


“do not want” ha, I love that. Just finished a night shift and on the last bus home … snowing outside, will stop for a pot noodle and a big bag of rib n saucy nik makes and put on Ricky Gervais’ new stand up and fall nicely asleep






The cat was angellic taking his meds, hopefully it’ll stay like that.

I’m going to a country pub for someones birthday meal later. Hopefully the snow won’t make it difficult to get there and back.


Ahem. Going to celebrate our national day by sleeping late, meeting some ATDs for lunch, practicing with our band and then gigging/DJ-ing tonight. I usually avoid all the festivities as I’m not a child or a student anymore but today should be fun.


Sláinte mo chara. My first St Patrick’s Day in 6 years not running a city centre Irish bar. Not one bit jealous of those I left behind!


Sláinte! Ooooft, that must have been tough! Enjoy your freedom! The lady I’m seeing is working the day shift in a bar in the middle of Cork City. Wouldn’t swap my day with her if I was being paid double.


Yeah it stops being fun about 3 hours in. Boss always turned a blind eye to me having a good few pints though. Can’t imagine what it’s like doing it over there, give Mrs K the best of luck from me!


Pret wasnt open yet so had to go to starbucks. Got to work and nobody’s here yet so i’m waiting outside in the snow. Not the best start tbh.