Saturday, it's early

Up with the wee yin. Watching The Master for the first time since I saw it at the cinema when it came out. No snow here. Hookworms later.

If you see any spares kicking about for this, let us know.

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Awake early for no reason. Got the day off today so off to see the mighty Green Army take on Bristol Rovers. Haven’t been to a game all season so can’t wait. Going to send my former Irish bar colleagues some photos of me enjoying my St Patrick’s Day freedom which I know they’ll really appreciate.


Will do.

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Gave up waiting and have gone to pret. Good day so far.

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Taking the dog for a haircut in a bit.

That’s all I’ve got.

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I was going to be playing hockey, but…

Hooks the fucking phone, you’re Irish?!


Snowing now

£40 to see George Clinton/Parliament outside in the Scottish summer

  • Worth it
  • Save it for another rainy day.

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Hi, I’m in Delaware.


alright mates?

I’m off to Corby in a bit

what’s going down in Delaware?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :ireland: :shamrock: :beers:

Running a half-marathon in my hometown this morning, after which I plan on going to the pub, watching the rugby and filling myself with as much Guinness as my body can handle. :beer: :yum:


:grimacing: oh no



I can’t lie to you Bam. I might be A bit hungover. Off to get a full cooked breakfast tho. Everything will be okay.

too much plum beer?

Haha I wish. Nope, it was wine. Lotsandlotsofwine.