Saturday Lunch :o

a lunch thread on the weekend!?!?!

what you having? think i might get some eggs florentine.

I’ve travelled back in time to have lunch in a 1970s care home


Hiya :wave:

I’ve eaten 5 bourbon biscuits and two cups of coffee. Lunch of champions.


quarter tube o’sour cream pringles

Beans on toast and a Fanta zero

A piece on sausage and a soft drink

Beer beer beer. Look at the little :ghost:


Steal me a glass.

i did in fact have eggs florentine, if you’d like to update your spreadsheets.

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I have a few old ones if you’d like one…

No idea how I’d send it mind

Well, you’d send it how it’s normally sent. Via dragon.

bacon sandwich and some pringles I think, already had a Twix as a starter. sounds alright to me.

i had a bowl of cereal at around 1:30, though I was technically breaking fast. might have another for lunch.

Ah, shit, I’d forgotten the homing dragon method. Srs, I’ll send you a DM if you’d like one…

really fancy some bourbons now



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Haha aw nooo, it’s okay, it would be a total faff and I can’t steal your glass!!! Thank you so much though, you’re a :star: Maybe the next time you come to Glasgow you can take one then!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: EH?? YESS.

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I’ll invite @plasticniki up to do the stealing

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Had a sloppy joe in a pub. Guy gave me an old pound coin in my change when I bought my drink then tried to tell me they couldn’t accept them anymore when I went back to order the food.