Saturday morning celebration

Morning all!

I was up before 6.00 with The Child but persuaded her to go back to sleep for an hour.

She’s being delivered to her grandparents this morning until we pick her up again on Monday.

That’s something I’m celebrating - how about you? Please enjoy your weekend as best and as safely as you can x


Off to Bournemouth for a few days R&R. Any recommendations, hipster bars, record shops, pizza etc etc?

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Train to Glasgow?


Last night was naff as all hell. Up at least 8 times with both kids including a prolonged period at 3am. Today will be a struggle. Got to buy a birthday present for my nephew, apparently we have visitors coming over which I do not want to deal with. Meh

Up for puppy training, make soup, big match, nap, make daal, walk, telly, bed.

A good day to all :sunny::sunny: wrap up though!


It’s probably changed since I was last there on the reg 10yrs ago, but 60 million postcards used to be the place to go for a hipster drink. The goat and tricycle was ok too. Belgium and Blues is a good shout for a drink as is all hail ale (might be a micropub sorta place). They pop up on my Instagram all the time. There’s a south coast Burger chain called 7 Bone which is good. There’s a decent pizza and cider chain called the stable. Record shops, there’s a place called Vinilo on Christchurch Road which is good. If you like coffee, South Coast coffee is worth a shout.

I’m sure @Im_On_Safari will have more, and better, recommendations mind.

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Off to a kids party in a soft play centre for 10. What horror is this. Unclear if i can drop and go or have to stay and hide in a corner not talking to the rich parents for 2 hours and being judged for not bringing a gift. Help me pls.

I’m free from lunchtime though, going to buy some daffodils and cava, have a long shower, maybe a nap, make my flat all nice, get my new red jumpsuit on, then off to the cinema and out out. Meant to be thinking of where to go for dinner but so far I’ve come up with a series of more ridiculous suggestions. Wish i could just suggest we go for some cider and multiple bags of scampi fries and dance to Tina Turner but i don’t think this is the vibe :thinking:


So pleased with your jumpsuit love :star_struck: ps. Where’s it from?

I just got


I think the problem is the scampi fries - some bacon frazzles would be perfect .


It’s the joanie rust one.

Love that one!

If i didnt have my body I’d totally have bought this amazing dress i saw yesterday, i thiught of you and @witches for it though…


Not adverse to them, a buffet of the whole Smiths savoury selection would be a fine night indeed.


No, these are good.
Am rarely in the town centre (although going today for kids odeon, arcade and generic restauranting)
Urban Reef is pretty good just for the views/nice place to sit (food and service is meh…)
Naked coffee is my fave coffee place, though probably not worth the pilgrimage from town centre up the hill.
Tbh, I would just bin off town centre and go to Southbourne.
Good few micro pubs there (The Wayoutback, Wight Bear). Good cafes and restaurants (Larder House, Makla, Deli Rocks, Velo domestique (for bike wankers)) and short walk to the less busy beach via fisherman’s walk.
Have fun!


And May I Add Marry Me Arrested Development GIF



Had a lovely cuddle in bed with Jessica cat just now

Got a bit of a to do list stuff to tick off, then I’m playing pool :8ball: with my son this afternoon. I’m going to meet a friend for a drink after that



Cor, it’s a cold one this morning eh. Proper struggle to get out of bed. Off on a day out to surrey of all places so hoping the weather stays reasonable. Need to imbibe a large amount of coffee quickly and be getting on my way. Maybe beers later… maybe.

Howdy folks :cowboy_hat_face:

Walk dog
Buzz hair
Have shower
Go to the football

Should get up and park run but theres 200 new posts in the Great Things… thread

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Just people getting angry about dishonest bookshelves. Wait until they find out most celeb “at home” photoshoots are in random houses they hire from locations websites.


I am currently looking to book my trains from Kent to Bath for the away game on 30th April. I am going to a house party in Didcot that evening, which is en route - like direct train, a couple of stops along the line closer to London. However, it is DOUBLE THE PRICE to go from Didcot to my station than it is to go from Bath (70 miles further away!!). So I am going to buy a ticket from Bath to my station for the Monday even though that’s ridiculous.

Very very very hungover.
Gotta get out of bed shower and eat and get on the train to Antwerp in the next hour.
This holidays just gonna be 5 12 hour sessions on the bounce. Already got work fear for when I get home

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