Saturday morning + day + evening threeeeyyyeeeaqahhhd


I don’t think I ever started one of these. I’m supposed to be looking for a yellow Christmas jumper today for Tuesday, which is proving impossible (PLEASE ASSIST??) As well as other arguably more important deadlines to be meeting.

Standard sniffly winter nose as well.



Football first, then I’m going to the wine shop. I think I might have drawn the short straw in having to go to the cash and carry for bumroll.


Opticians as my eyes as felt rubbish recently, don’t think I need glasses but haven’t been to the opticians for at least 3 years (last time was for chronic headaches anyway)

Then got Xmas fair at school so gotta show my face there


Just gave mrs stack her Christmas card as it’s 12 years of us today :grinning: going out for lunch with her and mini stack. Might squeeze in a trip to hobbycraft too.

Still got that lonestar song in my head.


I was getting headaches after work for years. Went and got a very thorough eye test done and it turns out because I used to be so wired my eyes would spasm before focussing on anything. So it wasn’t my vision per se. Hence I reckon it’s sensible to go and get 'em looked at :ok_hand:


Having issues deciding on what to eat

  • Greasy Spoon
  • Double Pastry Breakfast
  • Harvester
  • Double Burger Breakfast
  • Beans on Toast
  • Homemade Fry Up
  • Cereal
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Other (please specify)

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Starting a pub crawl at 12 with my all time dog and various other assorted dogs.


Pork bahn mi.


Double burger and a banana milkshake sounds amazing but if you have the ingredients, homemade fry-up all the way.


Haircut, going to ask him for a laugh if I can sleep while he does it to see what his reaction is, epic bants.


NORWICH, I AM IN YOUr finest tabletop gaming venue for a nerdy card game tournament.


Amaze. Balls.




good morning manches bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyteeeeetttttweeeeeee


driiiinking already!


Athena Games?

Not that I’d know.

They don’t sell any RPG stuff in there. WTAF?


The trend I’m finding is either they’re all women’s or they’re men’s / unisex but don’t exist anymore. The Internet is the only place it’s easier to find footage of harrowing violent death than it is to find a jumper


in a studio all day. got serious firebum from a mega hot burrito i ate last night. saw julie ruin, was fun. didn’t see theo.


is there such a thing as a yellow christmas jumper?

just been for a run so now i can do fuck all for the rest of the day and feel like i’ve earned it. will probs go into town to buy christmas shite though.