Saturday Morning/ Day

Morning all!

It’s Wor Lass’s birthday weekend so we’re currently keeping our fingers crossed she doesn’t wake up ill. There are treats afoot if she’s well enough.

Please use the thread to enthuse about your hobbies or boredom, tell us excitedly about food you’re making or ordering, enjoy refreshments responsibly or bemoan your choices/ hangovers.


Good morning :wave:

Not an awful lot to report from the CCB house. Going to make butter chicken and naan later so that’ll be nice.

WIthout further ado, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:39 17:42 11:02:52 +4:06
Brighton 06:39 17:46 11:06:57 +3:50
Glasgow 06:39 17:46 11:06:57 +3:50
Manchester 06:50 17:51 11:01:16 +4:13
The Beer Factory, Devon 06:53 18:01 11:08:05 +3:45
Newcastle 06:52 17:45 10:53:13 +4:28
Cardiff 06:52 17:57 11:05:40 +3:55
Belfast 07:06 18:05 10:58:41 +4:24

Big days for

  • :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: KING’S LYNN :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: for passing the 11 hour mark
  • :honeybee: MANCHESTER :honeybee: for the same unique achievement
  • :beers: :factory: THE BEER FACTORY :beers: :factory: for smashing the 6pm barrier!

Great work, everyone.


Going on a walking tour about George Stephenson, who invented trains or something.

Looking forward to it, love a walking tour.


Morning @keith , morning everyone.

Saturday here, so eldest has footie first thing, dog needs a walk. Got the parents staying with us this weekend, so that puts a new flavour on things. Also means no DIY so that’s a win.

Might sneak in a run, and might hit the coast. Definitely hitting the chippy for tea, so that’s nice.


Been awake for an hour already but still in bed. Going to get up and make a coffee now. Not hungover, which is good. I’m off to see a friend later, which I’m looking forward to.

London: the sun has risen

Also, I haven’t opened the curtains yet but apparently it is snowing?

Got some cleaning to do. Reckon I’ll hit the gym and do a food shop too whilst the missus is at work. Then layer we are off for Iranian food I think, and cocktails

It was actually your post from last night which inspired that comment, so I’m glad you’re not suffering.

And also disappointed there isn’t a hangover to bemoan because I enjoyed writing that phrase.

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It’s my turn to take Jimbo to Street Funk this morning. Last week one of the other parents told my other half that a private education was the only one they would accept for their children, so I’m sporting my tee shirt that says Socialism in big letters across the front

Then at lunchtime it’s the MIL’s 80th birthday lunch, so we’re off to Lewes for that.

And THEN tonight I’m meeting a friend who I used to go to loads of gigs with but I know conversation will swiftly land on parenthood


Just got to get up, get kids up, get ready, make food and sort stuff. Go to beach, come home and have some good dinner

The first step is the trickiest :yawning_face:

:grin: although I had one drink more than I should have, I took it easy still.

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Not hungover. Did fall asleep on the sofa watching Love Island after my friend left so my neck feels a bit weird

Having a coffee in bed, then I’m going to get stuck into getting some stuff done. Playing pool tonight


Birmingham has joined the 11hr club today too

Shame it’s so grey and cold again though.

Just got my porridge on the go for brekkingtons.

Dog walk this morning and then going to watch my favourite group of men be worse at kicking a ball around than another group of men this afternoon.

Update: it is not snowing

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Very very mildly hungover. Bairn was up at 6 and screaming so letting my wofe have a mininap.

We’re offloading the weans later and heading to the coast for a wee overnight.

Applied for a job for the first time since 2007 yesterday. Got possible interview dread


Off to watch Thistle lose


Last night multo fun. Hadn’t been expecting quite how wholesome a Taylor club night would feel.

In particular here’s exactly one beat’s difference between one song ending and Shake It Off kicking in. A was in a very good place :sweat_smile:



Been to gym. Now eating crumpets with my daughter. Gonna go to the farm park down the road in a bit.


The gym was dead, only me there