Saturday Morning/ Day


Slept ok. Changed my finger dressing, is going ok with the healing. I get the afternoon to myself as I can’t swim. Gonna try and see some firecrests. BBQ later. More beer.


Off to The London to see a pal from back home, which is logistically daft but that’s modern life for you, eh?

Where can I sit and read a book in the City/St Paul’s that’ll be quiet on a Saturday afternoon? Going to have time to kill in between social engagements :nail_care:


@aboynamedgoo I feel this is your time to shine

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Everywhere in the city will be dead on a Saturday, it’s finding somewhere open at the weekend which is a challenge. The places I would suggest are all closed!

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putting a fence up today

But I’m wearing these shoes. Surely that changes things.


Everyone puts their pink shoes on to go into town round here. No biggie

Omg I had these!!!

(But I sold them before I wore them. They are great though.)

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes yesterday; was feeling the love

Puss in Boots was great fun and absolutely the right choice for me that day instead of a Japanese arthouse drama

Paesano was as good as it ever is, then grabbed a few drinks with @Unlucky . Then head off to see Young Fathers absolutely fucking destroy - what a killer gig. Just built and built and didn’t let up for a second

Then wandered off home, had a late night bourbon and watched some We Own This City. I should try to make every birthday that good


Today otoh, zero plans. But that’s fine with me, just start a new book, wander round town, happy chilling in what seems like a nice bright day out there

Morning pals.

Todays plan is:

Vegan market
Eat donuts
Take the kid to the park
Dump the kid at Nanny’s
Train beers
Personal Trainer show
Train home
Wake up hungover


Hope they’re good

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:black_heart::yellow_heart: We do things different round here :yellow_heart::black_heart:


They’ll either be amazing or deeply irritating. No middle ground with bands like that.

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Yes, very true

Making toast with different spreads and preserves for A while we listen to jazz. My brother will be here in an hour and we’ll go for a drive, puck up an amp and a guitar on the way.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

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Yea and pastries for brekkie, listening to David Ruffin. A fine time being had by all.

Mate over last night, blasted an out an outstanding batch of records and had an all round lovely time. Just on the edge of too much wine tho.

Hundred Reasons/Hell Is For Heroes tonight, afternoon in the pub and staying over at my atds. Gonna be a good ‘un.

Shaping up to be a bit of a heavy pair of weekends this and next maybe so plotting sobriety through to Easter afterwards. Feels relatively earned as the whole of feb was ridiculously stretched in all possible ways.

Happy Saturday everyone :blush:

I’m a bit tired after two nights of staying up late on the trot. Went to see Pharmakon last night and it was so good I feel quite refreshed, like I want to do more stuff out the house again. Not much planned today though other than doing God’s work watching football and playing videogames. Might do a bit of writing as well, as a treat.

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Played tennis with kid, ready for tourney tmrw

andy murray celebration GIF
Later need to tackle this piece of shit motherfucking Laurel from the neighbour at the ends garden. If you never hear from me again I fell 16ft to my death