Saturday Morning - Daylight Thread

Morning all!

I’m up at the crack of dawn (Hi Dawn!) watching science programmes on Netflix with The Child.

It’s Wor Lass’s birthday so there’ll be some gifts before we go out for food later.

What are you doing with the daylight hours?


Forgot to unset my alarm from last weekend when i i had to catch a train early


Wet logs.

Been awake since 1.30am thanks to my doorbell buddy. So that’s nice.

Got to take m and her friend into town in an hour for a party starting at 9.30. Thought i had a tour but haven’t actually advertised it so going to spend the 4 free hours in the office, might go to the one with a sleep pod and have a rest or might go to the one with a gym and do some exercise. Who can say.

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Morning you beautiful people

I’m an hour into a walk. Need some time to myself to process the week, so decided walking and spitting birds is the best thing for that. Think it’s about time to find a bench and have a cuppa from me thermos. My wife is off out later so will have both kids solo from 10


Cw: Poo

someone has left a floater in the toilet and nephew is conducting the investigstion




Fell asleep at 8pm last night putting kids to bed.
Had a solid 11 hours!
Lots of kid related stuff this weekend. Multiple parties etc but outside of that gonna finish up fence and then move on to various other gardening duties and general DIY to get this place ship shape! #DadBore #springclean


Much about?

Am up, and about to hit up parkrun. Then the eldest dog is off to the vets for a look at his legs; they seem to go in different directions when he walks, am nervous that the vet might decide it’s all too much for the old boy. Sniff.



Dog has been a nuisance from minute one. Barking/whining at the kitchen cupboards because he wants his squeaky ball - I’ve shown him the ball isn’t in there but he’s being quite insistent.

Going to take him for a walk after breakfast and then going to the football this afternoon.

Appearing on the next season of Drag Race.

Just having some breakfast before my first post-covid parkrun. Just getting in my excuse for running a terrible time this morning before I’ve even done it

Got to sleep through to almost 8. Did a boss on some daft computer game. Revenge bairn is now up and is in a dreadful mood.

OG bairn sleeps on.

Nothing exciting planned at all.


I’m driving to a place called Hooe this morning, to watch my daughter play football.

Must resist the urge to sing ‘Hooe are you, Hooe Hooe, Hooe Hooe, I really want to know.’

Heading into London this afternoon to meet some top DiS crew for pints and The Hold Steady.

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Taking dog to training

Got to go to Chippenham for returning stuff

Quite fancy going to see the light installation stiff in Bristol tonight but also…seems an effort doesn’t it??

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I hope that the dog is okay.


So far

After linnet and yellowhammer today. The final part of my walk takes me across a nature reserve on farmland, so a goo opportunity I think. 2 kingfishers, so a successful walk regardless


Nespresso machines and the new VCRs (in that they are simple to use but my parents think they are somehow complicated)

Would have gone with Bournemouth’s oldest Springsteen tribute act