Saturday Morning/ Daytime

They’re on about staying over at a mates in London and doing Euston to Manc on the Friday

Ate some granola, did parkrun. Going to a nature reserve for birdwatch weekend thing. Going to try and fit pancakes, a roast and cleaning the house for a viewing tomorrow in as well. Something isnt going to make it im sure!

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(and doughnut)

@rich-t I mean it’d probably be fine, I think they’ve pared back the timetable from what it should be anyway to try and prevent too many cancellations but always a chance of it going pear shaped. Possibility of more strikes as well, I guess.


Having a coffee with the pooch and got a Kayo Dot record on after @jordan_229 recommended them ages ago :metal:


The kittens looked at me like I was a piece of shit when I gave them dry biscuits this morning.

Had to run out and get wet food so they stopped attacking my legs


Off to work. Felt so lonely or something yesterday. I just got a message from someone I met recently who wants to hang out this week :relaxed:


Morning all.

GF will be out with her friends all day, which would mean CIV VI marathon session, interrupted by the odd episode of Last Kingdom or Vox Machina, whilst sitting with the dog.

However, I need to get an interview task done for a Wednesday deadline, and a first draft today will help immensely. It’s an internal interview for the next step up in my team though, and the task is related to what I’ve been doing, so it’s just going to feel like going to work.


Already done some work, no more this weekend

Got some sausages in the airfryer for a brekkie sandwich

Going to do music for the rest of the day hopefully and then I’m going for a bit of 9 ball and beers later

Which one?

Gonna go for a walk and feed a horse some carrots


Moss Grew etc

Progress halted as Smudge has just shuffled over the sofa and fallen asleep on my arm

This is such a sad thing to be so happy about but they saw on my contact page that I love voicenotes/struggle with tone and they’ve just sent the same message over as a vn. Should probably be for the ND thread but this has made me feel so positive and really hope its something that helps people contacting me too


For the first, possibly only, time in my life I have a cleaner in the flat. Cleaning my stuff. It feels really weird.

(Partner and I been unwell last few weekends so fallen behind on maintaining the flat, cancelled a meal we’d planned and decided to use the money that would have been spent on that to not have to clean. This is how it starts, though, isn’t it?)

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I’m still in bed in our hotel room in Cardiff, waiting for G to wake up.


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I’m going to Loch Lomond with a friend next month and I’ve seen three different websites now refer to it being a good place for “outdoor lovers”. I’d say “outdoors lovers”, i.e. lovers of the outdoors, because “lover of the outdoor” sounds like someone who’s enthusiastic about bum sex.

  • I agree
  • Shut up

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To me, “outdoor lovers” means:

  • People who like hiking and fresh air and trees and etc
  • Al fresco shaggers

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If it was ‘outdoors lovers’, I’d go with people going for a walk, etc but agree that ‘outdoor lovers’ suggests fucking in the woods and so on.


REALLY looking forward to this holiday now


Morning everybody :wave:

I got up early (for a Saturday) and had no breakfast or coffee because Her Indoors was off to the station so I walked with her down there in order to satisfy my craving for two Gregg’s donuts which I got last night but all the Gregg’s round here close too early. Went into Gregg’s, asked for TWO donuts and she charged me the price for two and then went off to get them and handed me the bag and thanks I said and bye and she said bye and I put the little paper Gregg’s bag in my bag and walked off and did a big Sainsbo’s shop and lugged it back up the big hill in the rain. Then I unpacked my shopping and made a coffee and went to get my delicious two donuts. There’s only one :rage:. Absolutely fuck this. My craving was specifically for two. I can’t believe Gregg’s woman would do this to me.

Hope all your days go better than this disaster.


Which sister are you

  • Forgot my deodorant
  • Brought 3 deodorants, inc 2 mens (and I quote “because I smell”)

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