Saturday morning (early edition)


What the fuck, guys? Got in from work at 10.30pm yesterday, got to sleep around midnight, up at 4am. Coming off of this medication is making my sleep/my butt very confused indeed.

My mum’s got me writing transcripts of her PhD interviews in my downtime at the moment so at least I have that to keep me busy, hey? One of them’s an interview with my sister, too, so that’s a strange thing to be transcribing.

How are you doing? Plans for today/this weekend?


Update: have had x1 mugs English breakfast tea, x4 mugs rooibos. Estimate for consumption by end of day assuming maintenance of trajectory: x7 mugs English breakfast, x28 mugs rooibos—is this humanly possible?


I’m staying in an airbnb somewhere in Norfolk at the moment. Very long bike ride today but it’s okay, it’s all flat. Really need some more sleep though :pensive:


How long? I haven’t been for a cycle for a while. Some ATDs said they’re up for one in the week though, and I’m only working x2 lates so might take advantage of the afternoons.

You seem liek the right person to ask, pnik—will getting those clippy pedal things make a dramatic difference to my quality of life? My regular cycling is only a 10 minute each way commute and a schlep up a massive hill to see an old bloke I visit once a week. Other than that, I cycle basically everywhere but it’s never more than about 15 minutes because Brighton’s tiny.


Not really for a commute IMHO. They are comfier but you won’t feel any benefit over such a short distance. If I’m just going down the road I’ll just use normal shoes.

Today’s ride is 200km :cold_sweat:


That’s what I figured—I think the benefits I’d feel on my occasional longer rides (never more than about 50 miles, anyway) would be outweighed by the irritation of having those jabby bits stick into my feet and ruin my work shoes (which are already covered in chain grease…).

In a perfect world I’d build another bike for long rides, and there are really cheap and lovely second-hand frames and parts at my local workshop, but I just don’t know where I’d keep it—seems like sacrilege to keep one outside…

I know you’re doing a sad face, but it’ll be bloody lovely—have a grand old time!


morning! got an incredibly busy day today.

going for a big bike ride now, then get home and change and got to a mate’s birthday BBBQ, then go home and change and go to a different mate’s wedding. Might need my first jagerbomb in years just to stay awake


Morning early morn weekend Dissers,
I’m up early cos my throats still sore so I’m on the lemsip and more gargling with salty warm water.
Supposed to be nice today so might go sit in the park and read my book or summit


Hello, I woke up early because of a blocked nose. Now angry because a good pal of mine was beaten up in south London last night.

Think I’ll go for a wander round Leyton Marshes if the weather’s nice and wash all the stuff from my holiday #exciting


I mean you can get pedals which have a flat bit on one side for normal shoes and then a bit on the other side for bike ones. I have these on my commuter, but then again my commute is 12km so it kind of makes sense to clip in for that…

I wouldn’t do a long ride without them now. But obv you can.


What the fuck?! Sorry to hear that, hope you’re pals ok and not too badly shaken up


Good luck today pn.


Salut tout le monde, bon samedi.
Je suis sur mon vélo un cycle de 100 km à La Rochelle.
Passez une bonne journée.


Got to spend all day at a wedding.


Brandy with honey is my home remedy.



Decent nights sleep there. Gonna see off the parents, then go the post office to collect my tickets for Arab Strap tomorrow. Keep forgetting about it but looking forward to it when I remember

Then gonna sort out some stuff at the new flat. Then might go to crossing the rubicon on the way home.

Pizza for supper too.


Hullo. Forgot to turn off my alarm so was up at 7.30 and couldnt get back to sleep. Got lots of packing to do today. That’s about it. Very excited about breakfast.


Yes, but I would imagine that you’d need to get someone to bring them to you as somewhere around the 10th mug of rooibos you’d be stood at the toilet, pissing pretty much constantly,


What are you reading?


Just looked at an advert for a job I was interested in. Pretty much the same thing I do now but closer to home.

They’ve classed it as a band lower than my current job, meaning if I moved and they put me right at the top of the scale, I’d be taking a pay cut, and missing out on the couple of increments that I still have coming in my current role.