Saturday morning (early edition)


Can you?! I’m so very, very stupid. Maybe I’ll just get some and experiment and quit bothering people on the internet about it.


You’ll probably be interested to learn that I’ve not been for an irregular amount of wees (2 so far, across the 4.5 hours, and you can basically discount the first wee of the day as yesterday’s).

Tea update: x2 cups English breakfast, x4 rooibos, x1 wild berry—things have really slowed down.


The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan (no relation). I’m throroughly enjoying it


Got back from holiday road trip late last night. I’m kernackered. Pal is having a micro festival on his neighbours farm today, kinda CBA but sure I’ll enjoy it if I go.


Frank(ly L)o(-)pan, that sounds very interesting! I’m reading A People’s History of the World at the moment, and it’s always strange to be reminded of how incredibly narrow and West-centric the commonly received notions of world history—and those that were taught while I was at school—are.


Up at 6. Gonna take the boy out to play parks and feeding squirrels and all that shite. We can’t sit around the place playing Rocket Potato© :rocket: :potato: all day


Morning all,

Off to Tonbridge today for football. Got a seat on the team coach, and have a quasi-journalistic hat on.

Other than that, nowt to report.


Flying to Dublin this afternoon. Going to try time my airport trip so I get through security and grab some lunch in time to sit down and watch the Liverpool match


Like you @brainfeeder , I got to sleep around midnight and was awake at 4. At work for 6 and here until 3ish.bthen I’m on holiday until after the BH weekend. Might head down to southsea after work weather depending, then to the TV’s parents for dinner.


You know the rules: Pictures of the hat, please.


Morning all!

My wife’s friends are visiting at ten which is an ungodly hour. They’re nice people but I find them hard work.

We’re having a baby free evening later. I should be more excited but it has be in Edinburgh for childcare and that’s an hour each way.

In all honesty, I would rather be watching the football. I have a nice bottle of wine picked out for MOTD later.


helped my brother move house yesterday, that took about 13 hours. So many different parts of my body hurt this morning.

thanks for reading!


So much this.
How’s the book?


I’m going to watch Crystal Palace v Huddersfield later. Good luck @boothyfearssatan, let the best team win.

Normally before football I go for a cooked breakfast and a couple of pints with a friend. But he’s really ill with Colitis at the moment so it’s unlikely we’ll do our pre football ritual, for a while, if at all.

Today instead I’ll probably watch the early game on Sky, leave for football before coming home and watching Brighton v Man City.


The saving of cooked breakfasts and pints will pay for Sky Sports.



Day one of HAVEN was good, went to a To ol/brus bar after a day of generally great beers. Attempted to get into a music video for The National but security weren’t having it.

Gonna be a bit touristy before heading to festival today, any Copenhagen must see/dos? Unfortunately FC Copenhagen are playing a wee bit too late today to see them and the festival!


Supposed to be nice? What have you done, you monster?


Dublin got worldcon for 2019 which is really cool, I went to the one in London in 2014 and it was great, got to talk to/see authors whose books I love like Robin Hobb and Kim Stanley Robinson and I got my copy of a game of thrones signed (but the queue was horrific, I hate people sometimes) but anyway I’ll try to go to that even though nobody will go with me again :dizzy_face:


Mildly hungover but not too badly, craving some really unhealthy food though.

Awful weather and the dug is soggy and smelly. There are men upstairs putting in some fitted wardrobes so hopefully the wife will no longer be living out of boxes.

Hoping that the mighty Gers don’t do anything silly today. Might stick a wee coupon on but it’s always a bit risky so early in the season.


Yip, totally fucked it, sorry :neutral_face:


Don’t blame yourself. Let me do that for you.