Saturday morning (early edition)


You’re too good to me


Alone in the flat again. Bit of writing, watch the football, pizza, Ramones cover night, back to bed.


was gonna get up early and go for a bike ride but here it’s 11am and i’m eating a roll on square sausage :upside_down_face:


everything is blurk.

spent a couple nights sleeping in the family room of the hospice dad is dying in. Had to have the chat about whether the machines and antibiotics and fluids were doing anything, and the answer of course was no. So we’ve stopped all of it. He’s already in coma, and now it’ll be a few days i think, if not today. I have gotten away from the hospice for a bit now. Drove home. It’s a good time to have a big ol punchbag at home.


whatchu writing ruffles?


Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re alright.


ah, shit man that’s rough :frowning_face: went through a similar situation earlier this year, it’s not nice.

hope you’re as well as can be and remembering to take care of yourself too


oh god

watching the World Championship relay stuff, men’s 4x100m atm.

the first two of Canada’s relay team? Gavin Smellie and Aaron Brown. “Smellie and Brown leading out the Canadian four”.

obviously I’m with @profk and do not find toilet humour funny, but some of you might like this (you disgust me).


Growing up with a surname like smellie must’ve been bleak. The ie at the end makes it even smellier


sorry xylo. feel like this is one of those things where you just need an infinite supply of very strong hugs or a shoulder/open heart to listen to you. hope you get through this and find some kind of strength or something (see, a hug would have been better).


thanks japes and @shinymcshine - been an 18month kinda thing so known this was coming for ages now. which sort of helps in its own way i spose. Family has been immense looking after mum when i’ve had to be absent and the hospice is so, so amazing. so i am extremely grateful for a lot :slight_smile:


it felt like a hug <3


I know! character-building? :grimacing:


He looks like he could handle himself in a fight too, don’t blame him :sweat_smile:


I guess being super-athletic might have helped cancel it out a bit…


Thinking of you pal, it sounds like your doing a great job for your dad and family.

I’ve had quite a few family members pass away from cancer, Nans, aunts, an Uncle and cousin.

I’ve no idea how I’d cope if it was a parent though, as I’m really quiet but would feel I’d have to be the strong one.

Hospices do amazing work.

Take care of yourself too.


If I had a name like smellie id become a pro wrestler


yes being the strong one is a total fucker of a thing sometimes. especially coz it’s a double whammy of being reminded that the other parent is growing older/scared too :frowning: thank you dude x


Been thinking of you. It’s a terrible thing to go through long time coming or not. Look after yourself xx


fankoo Slicky xx