Saturday morning (early edition)


I woke up with a somewhat aggressive hangover this morning.

Just making some food for a barbeque I’m going to.


That’s what happens with champagne cocktails!

Guinness on its own would have seen you right.


You live and you learn Keith.


topsy turvy night. topsy turvy


I’m a genius.


I need to get that book for the DiS book club. Will have to wait til next week to participate.

I’ve been thinking of applying for a paid PhD thing. I’m not sure if I’m exactly qualified for it though and I can’t remember how you speak academic. Need to decide pretty soon as well…



Love chocolate Guinness cake. I like to crumble some flakes over the top as well for extra chocolatelyness


What subject area?


In work from 8am doing utter bullshit. Probably going to be here at midnight then back at 9am tomorrow all day :sleepy:


On the ferry to islay. Bring on the whisky!


it’s an interdisciplinary thing in philosophy, literary criticism and film. none of which I have studied, exactly.


Good! Not that far through (only got to around 2000 BC) but it’s compelling reading so far. It’s an unapologetically Marxist history and as such is hardly free from bias, but I happen to agree with the large part of what yer man’s saying so no complaints from me.


Looks like 5/7ths of a very good Oreo


Dickhead coach driver has not only gone through wrong way, he’s fucking pranged the fucking thing at a village green as well.


Went to the gym, came home and put some pasta sauce on, then flipped out and went to CeX and bought an Xbox ONE while the sauce was cooking.

SMASHED deadlifts today :muscle:

UPDATE: x2 english breakfast, x6 rooibos, x1 wild berry, 1.5l water :potable_water:


Watching the football, off to collect an amp in a while. Playing with two bands tonight and DJ-ing because I am a glutton for punishment.


I listened to my wife’s friend’s husband tell Xmas cracker standard jokes for two hours and watched their toddler throw things around my living room.

Going through to Edinburgh in a bit.


Put flax seeds in my smoothie. Gamechanger.


the game changed from £2 per smoothie to £4 per smoothie


current status: on a boat