Saturday morning (early edition)


Early draft of Rocket From The Crypt lyrics etc.


WRONG. the whole bag cost 2 quid and ill get at least 15 portions out of it.





Had some chia in mine post-gym and felt like such a massive berk. They’re so cheap in Aldi, though.


We aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



I’ve never had to knock on boat…


How was the cake in the end?


I’ve just seen the picture.


Going out later drinking, far too tired though. :sleepy:


Feel on good form today, just caught an old man’s hat that the wind took off his head.


started packing, such a bleak activity. done the classic going from ‘it’s fine, haven’t got that much stuff’ to ‘how the hell are we going to move all this shit?!?!?’

cracked a beer, obviously.


If you need a hand I have arms (kind of)


Today’s probably the kinda day that you could beat you 100m personal best. Go for it ma man


think we’re gonna be a bunch of tories and just pay movers this time. cheers tho! will have a flatwarming at some point early sept probably.


Hmm I celebrated the catch by having a chocolate and hazelnut brownie so I’m not in a 100m running mood.


Maybe next time then


just paid a deposit the rent a really nice double room in lewisham (really near train station) for £900 including bills. has an ensuite, new kitchen etc, little terrace. ground floor so not the best for burglaries but we don’t have nice stuff. always feel really anxious sending money even if I have their name and signature and stuff. but yeah SE London people hello. was finding it really difficult to get a nice place for a couple that is also cat friendly and would be good for him. hope it works out for us so much!!! anyone in lewisham?


I ran a good 5m after some dropped 50p and didn’t notice so done enough exercise for one day.


I’m amazing!