Saturday morning (early edition)


I used to be, but left London for the usual reasons.


That’s a pretty good price :thumbsup:
I live up North but usually rattle around the SE for gigs and stuff


Ha, take that north London gentry WELCOME TO SE LONDON.


just listed a bunch of absolute shite i should have got rid of years ago on ebay. decided to part with my complete x files boxset too :sob: RIP


Yeah realised how much crap I have too due to moving. Just shoved as much as I could under the bed at the new flat.


mates, does it smell of shit where you are?

  • YES
  • NO

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it fucking stinks here today



y tho?

also i’m in wigan. so that is a big shit cloud.


is it still morning?


Where is @Epimer ?


Today has been so tiring, I have reduced in size:

Eating modern pub tapas to keep my strength up:


Close ups of the crisps were definitely necessary.


Found this when I went to Wharf Chambers (where else?) today :slight_smile:


Ah you probably bought that off the friend I travelled with. She was running a stall there.


Pig snacks!


Yeah, I’m reading the zine now and it was from Pen Fight.


I’m in Catford which is like a mile down the road!



Sat outside drinking wanky beer, watching shooting stars and listening to bats flit around above me. Decent night



now just trying to make myself think it’s not an elaborate scam until we move in and get the key and stuff