Saturday Morning feat. Sleepy Parents

Morning all!

I’m watching Cat In The Hat (an abomination of a film - Myers at his worst and ruins the excellent source material) while The Child makes me a birthday cake out of slime. It isn’t my birthday for ten months.

She’s being taken to Boss Baby 2 at lunchtime so I’ll be doing some house admin including providing Glasgow Council with her birth certificate so she is allowed to go to school next year.

I’m possibly putting together a recipe for a chickpea pie topped with rosti for tea but I’ve only just seen the filling recipe and haven’t worked out the details yet. I might do some work and play computer games too.


Morning, DiS! I think I have absolutely no plans today for the first time in ages. I wonder where the day will take me?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend


Greetings from Leith, made famous by the seminal 90s film Trainspotting.

Congratulations to @fappable , @Unlucky , @JaguarPirate and @tilty who all guessed Edinburgh, the nearest train station.


morning, waiting for my PCR test, got a text from Royal Mail at 7:05 saying it was due from 6:50am - 10:50am so that’s good.

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Got to do some admin stuff, take R for haircut, go to the library, watch Manchester derby, have a nap and then go out for pizza later.

Busy day. Best get up and make breakfast.

Morning all

Lots of shouting and swearing in the street last night and this morning so that was fun. Took ages to get back to sleep in the end. But never mind!

Today’s plans: take the girls out somewhere while the second viewing on the house goes on; go to the football; make pizza.

There’s an option to go down to the football ground early (10.45ish) and be on Football Focus! Dion “the Dube” Dublin is going to be there. Tempted but probably won’t.


On the 08:03 Kings Cross to Leeds with my daughter to have a look at the university and city.

Sunshine on Leith?


What does the day hold?

given myself a packed social day!

  • coffee and French Dispatch with old flatmate
  • drinks at my fav breweries brand new one-day old taproom
  • Self Esteem gig with current flatmate

Will have to keep an eye out for @guntrip and @Sgreen at the latter if I remember correctly?

Currently v sleepy after making midnight cocktails so I’ll be getting up … soon


Working. Will be horribly busy. Meant to be taking my daughter out to a fireworks display later, but found out it’s £35 a ticket and fuck that noise. Plus it’s 2mins down the hill, so might get some sparklers and stand outside and watch them from home, or in her room with the lights off as she’ll get an amazing view from there. Pretty boring eh

Goof morning, gotta get up soon to make breakfast (latte and marmalade and butter on toast) and then I’m going to a national trust garden. Don’t feel to great (coughed a lot and didn’t sleep much last night( but hopefully my coffee will help :coffee:

Hello. Today is my and Mrs Funkhouser’s wedding anniversary. The village has organised a fireworks display and bonfire to celebrate this fact* so we’ll be going to my parents house later to watch it from their garden rather than on the field with the rest of the schmucks. Not sure what to do till then, sit around and eat crisps probably.


Takeaway lunch and takeaway dinner

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Breakfast in the hotel, walk to the centre of Edinburgh, visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, explore some pubs, walk back to Leith, go for a fancy dinner in a “chic converted whisky warehouse”, explore some more pubs.



I’m taking my youngest to play an away game against Crowborough in a bit.

Halloumi souvlaki later; followed by a solo trip to watch the movie Dune (2021) whilst the others watch Strictly.


Is Adele organising it or something?


Hope so. Might get some great material for the thread

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I am in Leeds with a group of my mates. we had a scintillating conversation about putting polyfiller in one’s hole, naturally I instigated it but I can’t remember what the segue was. Oh hang on I think we were discussing the Mormon practice of ‘soaking’ and what the point of it was and that’s when polyfiller came up I think (“it’s nice to have your hole filled but you might as well buy some polyfiller for that”)

Last night I dropped off stuff for my mate who’s having a hard time, he wasn’t home and I was like OH FUCK and went to a pile of bricks nearby so I could write a note to pop through the door, which took me 20 mins. by the time I returned HE WAS HOME but he was in the shower so didn’t hear me knocking, eventually I was feeling a bit creepy lurking outside so I put the note through the door and left the bag on the doorstep and walked very slowly away, but as soon as I put the note through the bathroom light went off and I was like FFS should have held out a bit longer.

He was on his way out so came downstairs not long after that and saw the note and was very touched by it, then realised I must still be in the vicinity so drove off to find me (success!) and gave me a lift to my friend’s in Horsforth. We caught up and he’s made a significant breakthrough with stuff this week and seems to be getting back to normal :slight_smile: he said some lovely/important things and was very appreciative of my efforts, which is funny because I’d convinced myself he would be freaked out/creeped out and annoyed with me but he couldn’t have been further from it. We should be hanging out for a bit with a mutual friend on Sunday and then we’ll do a video call next weekend. Seeing him all smiley and his usual self makes me feel really happy, he’s so important to me :pleading_face:


That’s a silly amount of money for something you can just see for free by looking into the sky above where it’s being held. Classic Northerners.