Saturday morning (I go out on Friday night and...)

My Friday evening was full, I enjoyed it.

I did this:

and this:

and this:

Happy Saturday morning, friends. What are we all up to?



Am i alone in thinking this looks a little… hilarious?

I will obviously go and see it.

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Bangin’ night in the labour ward yo (perhaps the wrong choice of words!), trying to calm my girlfriend every time the catastrophising nurse comes in and freaks out over her readings (luckily the consultant is a bit more measured)!

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How the fuck am I hungover from two drinks. I don’t have time for this, I’ve got penoiding to do.

I’m in Blackpool to go to a wedding of two people I don’t really know. My girlfriends going out for breakfast so I’m going to ride my bike to and around the forest of Bowland for a bit

Getting ready for a weekend in Coniston with Mrs Cheeseandbaconturnov. It’s going to rain.


Good luck and Best wishes to you both!


Thanks amigo! :relaxed: We’re entering the ‘I can’t believe I let you put your penis in me’ phase! Let the abuse rain down! :joy:


Had a couple of early afternoon beers yesterday (day off) so was on/in/around my bed from about 6.30pm. Fucking amazing. Read a bit of George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo but mostly dozed listening to Chihei Hatakeyama and the surprisingly excellent Spotify recommendations that autoplayed after that.


Got work this weekend but it should be pretty chill, and I’ll hopefully see a friend who’s in town visiting family.

I felt like i was on drugs by the time my son finally arrived. (I wasn’t!). A genuinely otherworldly experience.


Got some DIY projects to finish today, hopefully. Came up with a fairly ingenious solution to a fiddly issue that I’m hoping works out as planned. My mate wants me to go to cinema early afternoon but I can’t help feeling that that’s a bit of a weird time to go to the pictures.

FASSBENDER :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Yeah I’ll go and see that

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“Building snowmen… cutting things into little pieces… he’s taunting us”


Morning Señor Steve and etc. En route to Barcelona airport to head home. Got the new Bamnan album playing, like what I’m hearing so far! :sunglasses: :headphones:

Haha, yeah, I’m not sure there’s anything more powerful. I guess that’s why we’re doing alright as a species! If you were actually on drugs too I think it would probably culminate in a Scanners moment!

G’mornin. Watching seinfeld and drinking coffee. Gotta get out of the house for a few hours while estate agents show people around. Will go to the gym and then err… dunno. Meeting my dad for dinner tonight. That’s about it.

Really quite desperate right now, will go to sleep and just be fine for a day or two. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck is basically the best way to put it

I’ve got the house to myself until Tuesday. I may just laze around the house. But …

I might wash the car in a bit as it’s filthy and the service and MOT is due next week.

I may go to the gym.
I did want to go for a country walk but I think it’s supposed to rain.