Saturday morning (I go out on Friday night and...)

Wazzing it down innit.Going to Derby later for beers with some atds.
Wanna run over to Aldi for sending breakfast ingredients but as I mentioned it’s wazzing it down.

Stated series 3 of the leftovers last night.

Hello :wave:

Quick bath, then see if I can get my hair cut and then pick the kids up from their Mum’s.

Have to clean out the hamster and then off to football (Dunstable v Hendon). If I am not too exhausted, then go and see @TheBarbieMovie2023 and Co in Charing Cross for a couple of early evening glasses of alcohol.

Get the head down boss, a bit of sleep will do you good.


I am excellent at photographing cats.


Saw three bands across three pubs last night. Didn’t mean that to happen. Ended up staying up with one of my housemates afterwards to have a few drinks and talk shit. Good night.

Don’t have a plan today. Just hanging out in my sunny room and listening to the radio.


Off to get my hair cut. Might go to the cricket if the weather holds

Binned of my penoiding trip due to a case of the cbas combined with a mild hangover.

Got a rare day to myself today, so will probably use it wisely, i.e. play different card games and maybe order a pizza later.

Forgot I had the dug today, he’s excited by the prospect of the park


Amazing. Walked past your local yesterday was hoping Jackson would be outside.

There were 2 guys on opposite sides of the green with tennis racquets whacking a tennis ball to each while a dog in the middle chased it. Could have watched that all night.

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Yo yo yo.
Today marks the start of my 10 day holiday!! Currently watching Twin Peaks in bed with coffee (duh) and listening to the rain outside.
Gonna mooch along to Newcastle Pride later and then going out out for a friend’s birthday.

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hangover shower ennui
wish I had a dog to gee me up

Oh Fassbender :joy: - The cast for this though is INSANE?! And it’s being directed by Tomas Alfredson ffs!

Giggled quite a bit at the Guardian rating trailer parts on their spookiness :grinning:


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That sounds like a very cultured evening!


Just waiting to hear if I’m dog sitting today too, if not I might be LDN bound to join @TheBarbieMovie2023, @he_2 etc :ok_hand:


Take the dog to the smoke.

I wish I had a dog. I took my parents dog for a walk the other day which was lovely.

But where I live there’s so much countryside, it would great for a dog. But we’re always at work so it wouldn’t be fair.

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Sadly, I’m sure how she’d find the trains… she’s urmm a bit excitable and has a deafening bark which might not go down well with other passengers!

I’m already feeling quite lonely and bored. I’m not sure washing the car is the right tonic. Must find something interesting to do.

Newcastle Pride Jesus from a few years ago.

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Morning huns. All good? Not sure what to do today. Bike? Walk? Read? Netflix? A thrilling combo?