Saturday morning pretty much... thread

2:16 means it’s officially Saturday. Fuck it.

I’m off to Cheltenham for a bit of this:

Bit of playing, mostly drinking and hanging out with my band of absolute ATDs. If we win, we go up to top section. Nervous, excited, but mostly just looking forward to a fun weekend after being so fucking ill.

What’s everyone up to? Frolics? Tell me about your frolics.

Sounds like absolute bullshit mate.


Hope it flies by.


Woke up dead early so watched the sun rise on the beach. Really clear view of one of the planets (presumably the Greek morning star of Venus).


Hello friends.

Had an anxiety-inducing but productive afternoon, door knocking for the Green Party. We’re one week out from an election which might just see a change in government to a progressive-ish version of Labour, supported by the Greens. Things on a knife edge, so hopefully I managed to convince a few people to see things our way. [Greens are polling between 4.5-6% or so, and need to get 5% to get into Parliament].

Off to watch the NZ-SAfrica rugby in the pub then maybe go to a house night, except I am insanely uncool (basically think your dad) with bad clothes and worry I will be sneered at by the tough, cool crowd that my imagination tells me will be there.


I have to go to work, which is just straight-up nonsense. Everyone was getting drunk last night and I couldn’t so left the gig early.

Today I’m swapping MS Paint for actual paint. Maybe I’ll do a mural of @saps ’ grinning face and/or a bird of prey.

Also need to pop to Sainsbury’s as I’m cooking mezze bits for some friends later! Morning all!

Lazing in bed drinking tea, listening to a Gold Flake Paint mixcloud playlist whilst the TV opens birthday presents and cards.

I love reading official statements from clowns


“still clowning now” is a DiS user title if I’ve ever seen one


Going to have coffee and pancakes when I can drag my arse out of bed. Then I’m driving to the arse end of nowhere to play Star Wars cards for a few hours. I should really be prepping for my hearing on Monday but I’m going to lose either way so it’s hard to motivate myself to work on it all weekend (discussed the issues with a colleague yesterday and he said “Fuck. I wouldn’t bother turning up.”)

Then packing, admin stuff for the trip etc.

good morrow drowned in sounders

heading off to the isle of arran to do some cycling. might rain.

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I keep checking those spoilers on the off-chance that one of them says wanking or something.


Quite groggy but just smashed a whole pot of coffee so should sort me out. Doing a bunch more recording this weekend. Put a scarf on today, winter 1 is officially upon us!

keeping my options open

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Eating some spicy eggs then gunna ride my bike for a bit.

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Just got up, excellent meal last night although the people next to us were all ‘ohhh I can’t manage a whole plate, shall we share a starter and a pudding my darling?’ then ‘ooooh, it’s too pretty to eat’, taking loads of pictures. Mr s was annoyed that she then out her phone down with camera still on :slight_smile: face down on tab,e…

We fully managed three courses arch, one of which was Donkey Carrots. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cooking up an excellent brunch of caramelised onion sausages, sweet potato rosti and poached eggs before heading out to do a ‘Pretty Muddy’ event which is like tough muddier but with pink tutus instead of war paint and inflatables instead of barbed wire. Don’t judge me - it’s a work charity thing. Then going to watch some hockey since the run clashes with my game. Pizza and drinking this evening with some ATDs. Should be a good day.

Happy Saturday everyone.

p.s thank you @bamnam for sponsoring me - you’re a lovely man.


There’s a cafe in Brodick that does haggis toasties.

Going wedding