🐓 Saturday Morning 🌅 (rest of the day too, I guess)

Been up since four as my tiny human alarm clock is really on the fritz lately.

No plans other than maybe an early jaunt to lidl. Probably going to be a boring weekend even by my standards.

Happy Saturday DiS


Gonna run 10km in a bit. Weather is looking lousy though :unamused:

Then watching football on the tv… that’s about it. Gonna make some dough to bake bread tomorrow. :man_shrugging:

Ibibio sound machine were great fun last night :+1:


Can someone watch this, so I don’t have to…

It snowed.

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Morning Fl, all

Got 4 croissants proving dow stairs for breakfast, then were heading into London to our friends’ for lunch. Apparently veggie lasagne is on the carte du jour, as they wouldn’t generally say in France as most of what i just said was in English. Afyer lunch there’s talk of checking out the William Morris gallery, before cosying up with light entertainment. Really cleverly picked up a baking tray that was less than a minute out of the oven last night, burning the tips of my fingers. Thankfully my left hand has tougher skin, but my right i a little sore. I jusy hope I don’t spend all afternoon noticing it and getting freaked out.

Have a great Saturday.

Morning FL and etc! :hugs:

Having some breakfast in Glasgow Airport before my flight to :ireland:, although the snow outside is looking ominous. :grimacing:

Morning folks.
Got work 8.30-5.30, but really cba, feeling a bit :slightly_frowning_face: about a few things this morning. The wind is howling outside and really not inspiring me out of bed. Feel a little bit sick from all the beer and gin and tacos cake last night but it’s my own stupid fault.

God I’m such a fucking misery on here at the moment.


Just finished work
En route to gym
Gonna demolish a fry up after

Missed this chat last night. Bang right that the fetishization of gin (t-shirts etc) is a bit much, but a gin and tonic is lovely. I have one every Wednesday evening as a midweek treat :slight_smile:

Oh and you’re far from miserable! You’re a good man, Marty


Good morning all!

We’re heading into Cambridge today as there’s a science festival and so a few places are open for the children. Going to have pizza in front of the TV later.

I’ve introduced my eldest to this:

Slight regret as she’s been going round shouting “SO WHAT IS IT?!” for the last three days :smiley:


I love this idea!

Morning, off to Barrow-in-Furness to look at some art my friend made.

Then into Lancaster to see an old uni friend and :beer: and :curry:

Yeah it was snowing.

Having my 2nd coffee and 2nd breakfast.

Morning all.

I’m up earlier than I wanted to be. A child woke me up to say that one of the dogs had been sick in my slipper.

Last minute decision to have a day out in london with my biggest little person today. Looking out of the window now, though, it might have to be a very indoorsy kind of day out.

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Can we ban @Avery for making me constantly want croissants.

I actually didn’t get the big deal about croissants until I had one from a bakery near me called Trove and realised that, of course, supermarket and chain cafes only sell shit ones.

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Just reminded me a went past a dentist last night where one of the dentist was called Mr. Taco Jancsz.


Sprawl II just came on in the airport bar :heart_eyes:


Just had a raspberry jam filled one 9/10 easy.

I’m sorry! I lead a very boring life but have an overwhelming urge to type as many words as possible, so croissants are bound to come up. Almost finished the first batch though, and probably won’t make another one right away, so you should be safe for a week or two.


Morning. On a train to London at Midday, then off to Bedford to see my family. My sister and her husband both have birthdays later in the month so this is sorta for that, but also because I have to be in London for work on Monday/Tuesday, so they’re paying for my travel this time.

Important thing is: going to Pizza Express for tea, gonna get a real cheesy :pizza: