Saturday morning - something to do with easter

Just waiting for a covid test to see if i can reintegrate with society today.

One bairn is up watching pokemon on his tablet, the other is causing general chaos.

What are you lot upto?


Did the hedge yesterday, lookin mighty neat this morning. Going for a peak district based walk then heading to the inlaws, then out for a fancy tea. I should also covid test thanks for the reminder.


Morning all, nothing really planned today. Relaxed day I think. Dog walk, a little music and maybe vege hot dogs (after all the recent hot dog talk on here). Have nice days all.

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Morning! Already on cup of tea 3.

Going up to the woods in a bit with the dog I reckon then got to put together a clue based Easter hunt for the morning. Also some gardening and reading in the suuuunshiiine.

Fuck sake, I’ve still got a line. I would very much like to leave the house.

Washing out, kids fed. My wife is out all day seeing her ATDs, so I have the joy of solo parenting all day. No idea what to do. Torn between travelling down and seeing my Grandma and staying local and mooching around various parks

Travelling for 3 hours to go to a museum


Morning Saturday :coffee: :sun_behind_large_cloud: (really feels like Sunday)… just about to make a packed lunch before heading to Fort William as taking the Jacobite steam train to Mallaig tomorrow! Quite excited for that and love the drive up through Loch Lomond and Glen Coe so much :mountain: :fog: :steam_locomotive:


Morning all!

The Child woke at about 45m intervals between midnight and 4ish. Not sure if it’s the pox or just general grouchy. I’m tired.

Wor Lass is on call again and my creative writing course starts this morning.

No other plans. I might make a curry tonight.

Are you doing anything in Mallaig when you get there? The bakery on the pier is amazing, the kids loved the Harry Potter shops, but the timings should work that you can do the boat trip to see the seals. Loved Mallaig!

They sell the prawns by the pint in mallaig. Cracking place.


Rubbish, hope it’s gone tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Trying to do some housework and listen to Calexico but S is being dreadful so going to have to take them out for a walk early :unamused:

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Tbh I do struggle with theatre as an autistic person because looking at the stage is too much like making eye contact for me :slightly_frowning_face:

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Didn’t have any plans aside from a little look around (I was there briefly last year to catch a ferry but only had enough time for the cool second hand bookshop :heart_eyes:) but these sound great - would love to be able to squeeze in a seal boat trip, thanks!

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Museum so I can leave whenever I want without potentially having to interact with anyone to get out


Oooh just remembered BIG MATCH day. :trophy::trophy::soccer::soccer:


Had absolutely incredible bouillabaisse last night which I will think about for a long time to come I reckon. Magical stuff.

Today we head to Cassis for some beach mooching, spend the arvo in Marseille bars then a late flight back home to London. Not too bad at all


Happy Easter Saturday!

I’m currently sitting in the beach in Hove after mixing it up and doing a different ParkRun to normal. I can rather recommend exercising by the sea on as glorious a morning as today’s.

Heading home soon where I’ll probably do a bit of packing while looking forlornly out of the window wishing I was in the sun. Meeting friends at the pub this afternoon, then this evening we’ve got a friend visiting from Norway. My other half was planning to cook, but we really ought to be eating fish and chips on the beach in this weather

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How good is your French?

Lots of driving in my immediate future. Today’s itinerary is Bristol down to Poole where we are leaving the child with my brother so she can spend a few days with her cousins, then over to Portsmouth to recover the dog after she went to stay with the in-laws while we were away last week, and then back to Bristol. Think I will be sick of podcasts by 7pm this evening, and also probably desperate for a beer.