Saturday morning - something to do with easter

  • That’s not enough sleep for an Easter Saturday
  • Fuck off lad you don’t know you’re born. I’ve been awake since before I even went to bed.

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Morning everyone :sun_with_face:

Enjoying having all the windows open! Wish I had a garden on days like today, would be nice to sit outside having my coffee.

No plans today other than eating pizza and watching football later. Might go for a walk beforehand to clear the old cobwebs out.

Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday! :kissing_cat:

Found out the other day that swans participate in incest and it’s really ruined them for me tbqh.


This trip was the first I’ve felt genuinely comfortable chatting about pretty much anything

My conjugations aren’t great still, but in terms of nattering about wine, sports (insofar as I can chat much about that anyway), travel and telling the odd joke, I can make it work. There’s the odd moment I need to use A as a thesaurus still but if she wasn’t there I’d get around it


Seeing @nemrac @SmittenMittens and @tilty for beveraginos this afternoon and then on to Heaven to watch Willow Pill this evening with my friend. Fully anticipate that big family meal tomorrow will be a disaster with me being extremely hungover and tired but that will be a great excuse to go for a nap and avoid my aunt’s dogs.


Really nice spring day in Stockholm

Going to the in-laws for easter lunch & egg hunting stuff …which is nice


It probably means missing the FA Cup semi final …unless one of the nephews sticks the telly on

Still a bit ill with not covid. Getting annoying now.

My son is playing in the National Student Esports Dota 2 final at the NEC today (Twitch). Go Warwick Ducks!

I’m rather jealous of that.

I wish I had a reason/ opportunity to leave Brexitland.


I know what you mean. Ive always been a bit slow in french and a lot of that got worse over lockdown because I had no reason to try. A is fully bilingual so speaks English at home. Coming here often is the only way I’ll sustain decent french so it’s a helpful thing to have a good reason (and cheap holidays) to keep coming back

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Mike Skinner has oven speakers

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That’s just a science oven


In a way, we’re all science ovens


He put on a few small club nights in a bar some mates worked at and they said he was always a real diamond so I don’t begrudge him his food woofers at all.



Listening to this new reimagined Spanish Love Songs album. In a way, it’s even more emo than the original

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You’ve really let yourself go this holiday xylo :wink:

Yes BUT I grew back a load of hair!

This is ‘in my wheelhouse’ but doubt i’ll be in London anytime soon

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No spoilers pls

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Yeah I’ve heard he’s a genuinely lovely chap <3

Just found the placement of them hilarious!

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WELL, the swan here, George, his wife Hilda died so he shacked up with his daughter Zoe! Every time I go past George now I whisper “you dirty bastard.”

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