Saturday Morning Thread - 07.04.2018

Good morning all! I’m just hanging out in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport before I fly to Glasgow. Standard picture of airport pint included.

What is everyone else up to?


Alwight geesy. Just about to start work. Listening to the Hinds album. Is right fun

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Oooft, that’s an early start! Might check that album out, still haven’t listened to them!

That’s normal for me man

Used to do that a lot when I worked for Amazon, I don’t envy you man.

I’ve done them pretty for the majority of the past 13yrs. Has never really bothered me too much, apart from on days where I could stay in bed, and today was one of those days.

You should crack into that hinds album.


Yeah, they’re not so bad if you get used to them. Some days you just want to stay in your bed though.

Downloading it for the flight now! They’re playing Primavera so this’ll be a good primer.

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Also up pretty early - don’t seem to be able to sleep past about 5.30 at the moment.
Just in the living room reading and slamming some cups of tea.
Might (re)start trying to write a novel to make use of the stark early hours.

Morning all. Cant get back to sleep again, it’s like my brain clicks itself on at about 6.30 and just starts whirring through everything I’ve ever been worried about. Too early to be moaning though so just going to make some tea and try and watch Commonwealth Games without disturbing the sleeping tv.


I’m awake cos I’m on some meds I have to take an hour before eating. So inconvenient.

Mooching about today, probably see Isle of Dogs. Need decide about tomorrow, the more I think about it the more I think I probably need to rest :pensive:

What’s tomorrow? Some kind of colossal bike ride?

Aye. But I have a throat infection and the doctor obvs told me not to do it :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Hmmm yeah maybe give it a miss then? In my experience you’d probably get through it, feel ok and think you’d got away with it then it’ll hit you worse the next day.

I’m awake because I’m getting a haircut. I really want to be asleep.

Is @plasticniki in prison?

Maybe Paris-Roubaix was Niki’s big bike ride? :open_mouth:


Got woken up an hour early and not feeling good because of moderate changes to today’s routine. I can’t be doing with things occasionally being slightly different.

I do get to eat cake later though, so there is that.

What kind of cake? I want some cake for Breakfast II now.

I’m gonna work half a day today to help the team meet a deadline. So ruddy, bloody brave.

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