Saturday morning thread



I am still in bed as i can’t be arsed going to the gym because i hate it. Gonna watch the old firm game and hope none of the troglodytes on either side shame scotland.

I have a feeling it’ll be pretty one sided.

Going to see Bourne at the pictures later but i suspect it’ll be a bit meh but we’ve not been for ages.

Toodle pip.


prepping for a bbq later. got snags and deli wraps. hashtagprepared


I went to a bbq last saturday but it was like 16 degrees and it rained. Scotland.

Had a brilliant time though so y’know fuck it.


Clearing all my stuff in preparation for moving to london for grad school. woo.

Looking forward to the football though


What’s wet BBQ protocol? All stay outside? Just bbq outside, everyone under cover? move everything into kitchen?


Ow. My head.

Have to get up and put up posters for a gig all over the city. Maybe that’ll clear my hangover. Maybe.


Booked a taxi for this morning that hasnt turned up and now im late. Gr8 start to the day.


There was a small undercover area. Plus y’know we’re used to it so it’s only water. Cover was used to stop food getting wet while we all kicked a ball about with a can in our hands. Halycon days, my friend.


Some betting site emailed me saying theyve given me a free 20 bet. Dunno what to do with it. Might bet on paul pogba to score anytime and get £50?

serious suggestions welcome


Double on celtic (pains to me to say it) and man city both to win. I feel dirty and wrong.



Woke up, watched latest episode of Mr Robot (wow), did some laundry and now off to play squash then a family lunch followed by meeting up with a friend who has been living in Japan for two years. Will probably watch the 5.30 kick off with a few and get merry.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Got up early, feeling pretty awesome despite a bottle of wine between friend and I last night. Decided to burst out of bed, tidy the guest room for a mate staying over tonight, then go cycle into town and be all productive.

THEN I opened the curtains.



Richard Ashcroft’s on Soccor AM. It’s 15 years ago.


Was supposed to see Billy Joel in concert tonight but feeling like utter shit after what i think was undercooked chicken from a meal with friends last night. FFS


Sounds like… they didn’t start the fire.




Been for a run.
Now coffee, bagel & book. Waiting for sport to happen


:smiley: oh my god


Still in bed. Cba.


good morning