Saturday morning thread


I love a tree knot that looks like an arsehole.

Currently in the Holgate Brewhouse in Macedon which has handpulls!

But Fucksake their ESB is off so it’s only chocolate porter.

🔝 Favourite albums of 2018 so far?

Morning teoh

Trudging into work :grimacing:






morning theo, rich

i’m full of :sushi:


Also calm down @Bamnan

Man cannot stop putting out albums. :grinning:


hi theo and etc. been up since 2am lambing ewes. going to bed now… for an hour


(this is a post for early risers’ eyes only - please delete @1101010)


Going off for a long bike ride



Woke up with a massive ache in my back. FFS.


Antipodean - check
Retail worker - check
Farmer - check
American - check
Bike wanker - check
Back sufferer - check
Parent - check




Got woken up at 5ish by some cool dude walking down the street shouting “brap brap brap” over and over again at the absolute top of his voice. Murder should be legal in cases like this.


Driving lesson at 8. My delivery of huel is arriving today @Epimer very excited.

Totally passed me by we get Monday off too, unbelievable scenes.


Morning! Gonna go here and stroke some animals, might post some photos.


Morning all. At my parents and seem to have developed a massively sore throat overnight. :neutral_face:

Might drive to Cowbridge to wander round buying fancy pickles and sauces later.


I already covered parent and back sufferer FWIW so @plasticniki won.


Slept for almost 10 hours. Going to the gym shortly. Then need to get some fancy beers to watch football. Also must remember to be a father and husband to my family !


Forgot what day it was yesterday, thinking Friday was Saturday etc.

Today - no plans.


I’m by the sea. 50 Shades of Grey indeed