Saturday morning thread

I hear something at 5am each day, it’s the cat.

Morning kids

Great gig last night, and the boy slept in till gone seven - that’s a lie in in my world. Spending the morning making hot cross buns until the sister in law and her family arrive at lunchtime.

Feel a bit bad for the Saturday after Good Friday not having a title, might start calling it Sound Saturday. Safe Saturday?

My right arsecheek keeps spasming this morning, I’ve tried everything* to stop it and I’m all out of ideas.

*punching it a bit

Golf cancelled this morning cos of sleet and snow! Think this is Winter 1111111 now.
Also had my iPod on shuffle and More Than Words by Extreme came on! What a terrible start to the day.
Think I’ll watch Motherwell beat the living daylights out of Rangers at lunchtime.

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Morning everyone. Just had a frothy coffee and a couple of chocolate chip brioche

Hanging with the kids today - might go rug/ lamp shopping. Exciting times.

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Squeaky bum time

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:smiley: Reckon I’m all musiced out for a while now!

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Spasm Saturday

Try the lying knee twist here

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Just went for a swim and the pool was as warm as a (slightly disappointing) bath. What gives? It’s impossible to swim when it’s that warm. Urgh.

Thanks man, this has reminded me that I would quite like to get into yoga. Smee Saturday.

Childen’s urine?

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@moderators this is theos new strapline. Make it so.

Taking my oldest to “the match” today which I’m sure sounds like a lovely father son bonding experience to you pricks. :neutral_face:

Still in bed.

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Prepped the kitchen for painting yesterday and starting painting today.
Just polishing off an IDM album I’ve been working on recently while the TV polishes off her lie-in


State of the steak and ale pie James Martin has just served up…

Lot of polish in your house today.

What time does one turn up at the ground for a 3 oclock kick off? Seriously this is all new to me.

morning all

got woken up this morning by loads of post being delivered. got downstairs and every single bit of it was for next door :clap:

going to do my weekly shop in a bit. was convinced yesterday was Saturday, so doing something I normally do on Sunday today is only going to mess with my brain further.

Went to the match last night; pissed down with rain the whole time, lost 4-1 at home to the league’s worst side. Was an absolute shower of shite.

That said, I have very little to do today so I intend to do very little. Might nip into town later because I got an annual bonus from work this week and it’s burning a hole in my pocket.

Making lasagne for dinner tonight, first time ever - will report back later

Do you want to take my lad to st James park today? He needs a strong male role model in his life.