Saturday morning thread

Wotcha? Had a really nice night last night, Christmas meal with old college friends. They only had Diet Coke on tap (which gives me headaches for some reason) so I had to have ted bull as a mixer for a couple drinks and as a result got about three hours sleep.
Off to get a haircut/beard trim at 10. Might go full Britney. Wuup2?

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Happy advent! Let’s see your calendars


Need to go out today and grab some. Excitement!

Hi troops. Got a house viewing at 11.30 up the road. Going to try and get the house were in the now into ship shape as I’ve been putting it off for a while.

Really hungover and need to to go to Wales today arghh

Feeling ropey af. Really coldy. Working until 6. Bleugh

Imagine if everyone sent a pm to someone on here at the same time saying ‘shutup.’

Having a coffee. Need to go out soon. Really can’t be fucked m9s.

Pishing it down outside but up early for a weekend in Margate #nocarbsbeforemargs

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Really enjoying ‘ted bull’.


Dog to the vets for a check up this morning; kids school Christmas fayre this afternoon; beers this evening.

What are you up to to in Margate Jez?

Morning all :slight_smile:

It’s the first of December which means

  • Christmas decorations!
  • Advent calendars!

The eldest burst into our room at dead on 7 this morning with the biggest grin on her face, already dressed in her Christmas dress.


My wife’s (left) and mine (right) Saving the big unwrapping for when I get home from work. Enjoying the Germanness of mine too

Got to go to work in a minute and massively cba. Interview next Wednesday and I’d fucking love a new job.


We’re at the mercy of our pals who just moved out there so not quite sure. Never been before either so very much looking forward to exploring. Hoping to get a bit of parasailing in, maybe a catamaran trip. yer typical seaside pursuits… :grimacing:

Wondering how early I can start listening to this on a loop.


I know a really good ice cream place there. Maybe not the weather for it though.

Have fun :+1:

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Ooh no hmu with it fl, good ice cream is a year round treat.

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Mega tantrums already today (both R and me). Feel as awful as the weather looks.

Outlook not good.

In this weather?!

If you’re at a loose end you could always check out this place. It’s bonkers.