Saturday morning thread

First day in like 4 weeks ive woken up not exhausted so yay


It is still dark, it is pouring down, I feel rough. Wish I was still asleep.



Just woken up. Shower and change then I’m off to London to watch a rugby match in hospitality before meeting a secret disser for beer and food. What a day.



Absolutely awful night with the baby almost constantly awake from about half 1. My girlfriend and I took it in turns to try and get some sleep but I’m not sure how well either of us managed.

Halloween party with pals later, cba :sleeping:

Morning all!

Decent lie in at Chez Keith but The Child is angry because she can’t have Haribo for breakfast and because the A For Adley videos have disappeared from YouTube (because they trigger her mother’s motion sickness so she blocked them).

We’ve got a really busy day ahead - drama first, out for lunch (Mexican) in town with an apparently random assortment of parents because we’re all going to a space/alien-themed thing at the concert hall.

We’ve agreed one of the other kids is staying with us tonight and luckily he’s one of the ones I find really annoying and who also isn’t fully toilet trained.

I’m going to drink a bottle of good wine later because I haven’t had any good wine in ages. And I’ll probably have earned it.

I’m also having leftover doughnuts for breakfast. These were the originals:


Eldest on tablet. Youngest screaming for her dummy. Standard.


Where the donuts from, I need to know

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Morning everyone

My eldest was at a party last night. It was at a house where they have actually insane wealth. The kid has his own quad bike. There is a soft play inside his house. His own soft play. Hard to navigate explaining to the kids that that isn’t normal and that, actually, eat the rich, without imparting even more of my ideological identity on to them.

Maybe that’s OK.

Anyway, we need to go out to the shop this morning to get some stuff for the kid’s Halloween costumes to fix what was damaged last night. And get some pumpkins and turnips.

Not the healthiest breakfast ho ho


Theyre tantrum.


Morning lovely lovelies

Got to go get the dog after his sleepover, go for a walk, do some work, make some soup, watch the football and drink some wine.

Slept very well (likely as didn’t drink last night and there was no dog laying across my head) so ready to ROCK.

@keith I really really want fancy donuts now

@escutcheon soft play in your house just seems really sad to me. Isn’t the whole point that you go out somewhere, pay daft amounts, eveything is sticky and parents hate it and they get mad wound up and then you get to go home?? :star_struck:


Haha exactly!


No butter left

three different things I might go to tonight, but probably won’t go to any because I’m scared

Morning all :wave:

Was supposed to be a rainy morning here but it’s cleared up. Gonna mooch around town and maybe buy some new jeans, out of necessity.

Oh, SSPP later :pizza:


Of the choice or of the activities themselves


Slept through from 10.30 till 7.30 and wasn’t woken by a bouncy child. I feel refreshed.

There were loads of leftovers in the fridge so I turned what I could into this for breakfast (with a few additions)

I’m still home alone until mid afternoon, so I might cycle out to Shoreham Hot Pipe with my camera to see if there’s any surf action


Morning all. Dark and wild beer festival at northern monk this afternoon. It’s all you can drink in the ticket price so going out and getting smashed last night and waking up with a hangover wasn’t the plan
Just ordered a maccys breakfast to see if it saves me.

Good chance I’ll be drunk in bed by 6pm

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Think I’ll have a bath, tidy up a bit and then I’m not sure whether to meet pals and go for pints and stuff or lie on my arse all day.

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Morning, simultaneously want a fry up and a doughnut after seeing these pics. Instead I’ve got a granola bar.

Awaiting delivery of a few parcels today which is interrupting going for a long walk with a podcast. Got the Barrie album on though and picking out a few films for tonight.