Saturday morning thread

Can you donate worn/damaged clothing to those Salvation Army recycling bins? Like stuff you would just throw away if you weren’t actively trying to find a better use for it

We were having this conversation earlier, and yes you can


Yep - at the one at the end of our road they’ve got one of those big metal deposit bin things

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Cheers both - room tidying takes another step forwards!

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damn I’m tired, got up at 5am to transport a mouse


Wor Lass ended up on a visit to a house on the same street yesterday and you can’t argue with coincidences like that.

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This train is insanely busy. Fuck knows how people do this on the reg

This still isn’t here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just boxed up summer wear and wardrobed up the autumn/winter season. Love it as I discover dresses I forgot I had. Like free shopping :star_struck:


Stay strong - we believe in you.


Stay safe

Am taking the kid to Dorset County training in……Southampton. Ummm guys, that’s Hampshire wtf #geographyweek

I’ll be fine, I’ll see everyone in the football thread tonight

Oh boy


Went to get my hair cut and was chatting to the barber, told him that I was thinking about getting a grade 1 all over instead of 2 but my wife doesn’t think it’s a good idea; “she’s right boss, you’d look like a fucking watermelon”.


He has a vested interest in keeping your hair longer

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Morning! I’m back in the north where I belong. Sadly, my suitcase is not. #PrayForWR

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I hate old rock n roll music e.g. Jerry Lee Lewis. Absolute shit.

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Don’t put another dime in the jukebox