Saturday morning thread

One of the best Young Fathers.


Got a bit of post Covid booster aches and general malaise so am having a sofa and xbox day.

Craving stodge but we don’t have much in the house. Wish you could get fry ups delivered.

Remember when all we had to worry about was the ozone layer

Warm brie baguette for lunch :yum:

Take dog for a walk in a bit.

Succulent Chinese meal this evening


U can get fry ups delivered in a lot of towns and cities


Got 3 caffs within a mile of us that deliver a breakfast. It’s great.

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After posting this I searched for ‘breakfast’ instead of ‘fry up’ and found a cafe that delivers :muscle:


Midday on my day off and I’ve completed many of my tasks and had some lunch.


In the bath.


Those potatoes look great :yum:


Jealous of those at the cool beer fest today

I’m deadly tired for some reason, got very strong Sunday energy rn. The motivation for tonight’s Halloween events is … minimal

:pizza: For breakfast, kitkat for breakfast pudding with :coffee:

Need to walk to Waitrose to get a tin of pumpkin then do food prep for tomorrow, my parents are coming over and I’m making a kale, ricotta and leek lasagne and pumpkin pie :pie:

Hoping I can also find some time to read before going out tonight for my friends birthday.


Have been sick all night, feel awful :pensive: Want to have a little nap whilst having my back rubbed but i suppose shall settle for going to see Keeley Forsyth instead :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Can’t wait :black_heart:


Any clothes that either don’t sell or aren’t in sellable condition, charity shops will sell on by weight to rag collectors. There is every chance your old clothes will end up in landfill in a developing country somewhere down the line whatever you do with them, but if you donate them to a charity shop, the charity does get some benefit out of them.



I just bought 4 nonalcholic Guinnesses so i’m not at all jealous


Might even watch a daytime film

At the stadium, drinking (hopefully, no one is actually sure) free pints. Lunch is coming along.

Pint of your finest pride landlord


Clearing out the loft. Done a full car load of kids toys to the charity shop.

Just dropped an old telly, which fell down the stairs and broke two stair spindles. Couldn’t be more annoyed with myself. Grr.

Read a bit and put a wash on with the football in the background, a fairly productive Saturday after a pretty unproductive week all-round. Also watched a bit more of that Adam Curtis series, it’s good stuff.

Got drinks for a mate’s birthday today and an invitation to a Halloween party later. Absolutely nothing in the way of costume, so will massively depend on how the drinks go as to whether I cba with the latter.