Saturday Morning w/cleaning

Yeah, just done the bathroom big time. Now the living room and kitchen area.

Got @'d into the football thread

Ooft, cheers lads


Hiddy ho theo!

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Hello, how’s Friday?

Coming to a end shortly, sleepy time is approaching. How did you do at d and d?

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I won!


Nah it was good. We were down 50% of the party so the DM knocked up a nice little side Quest that was good fun.


I get to see bts today! Am not supposed to be up until like 8am as i only live about 20min from wembley stadium but here i am :laughing: going to watch episode 2 of Chernobyl to kill some time. I’m so excited i still cant beleive i get to go :star_struck: met up with a korean fan my age that i found on twitter who was bringing over merch from seoul to sell at face value yesterday too and she was so lovely, was expecting it to be a scam lmao but she really did bring stuff and i got so much for so little. Hope everything else goes well, i get anxious over everything and don’t enjoy much tbh but im determined to stop overthinking today and just have fun :yum:


Lol I’m going to bed :sleeping:


Who or what is ‘bts’?

Broken Tocial Scene


Hope you have a great time today! :grin:

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Big K-pop act. JazzyB is a passing fan.


Ah cool. I sort of assumed it but then thought maybe it was a user on here who was going along or something

Morning theo, everyone. I’ve a mild hangover and I’m up early so I can eat my breakfast then go tory it up with a 7:40 tee off time

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Morning all!

Wor Lass is selling some craft at a nearby craft market so I’m solo parenting all day. The Child was awake at 6.00 and the weather looks like it will be unpleasant.

Probably getting a takeaway tonight. Might do a poll.

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Off later to Inner City Electronic in Leeds which has some interesting-looking talks on electronic music plus a bunch of folks playing. Kelly Lee Owens is ‘keynote speaker’. Should be decent.


Premier Inn Full English breakfast for me, is it


Off to work in a bit, going to be a glorious day apparently so there are a million places I’d rather be (normally it’s just under a million).

While looking to see if I could stream the TV series Tales of the Gold Monkey I remembered on account of @Scout reminding me Duck Tales existed, I found this site
I think it’s freeze dried from some 13 to 15 years ago. @guntrip

Yeah I’m moving out at midday and need to clean everything :sob:

Had a really really bad night’s sleep too


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christ theo, tmi