Saturday Morning w/cleaning

But my new flat is fifty times nicer than my old one


Started the day with a call from my friend who got mugged during the night

a couple followed her when she got off the nightbus, she didn’t think anything of it, she got to her street and they attacked her from behind, gave her a kicking (possibly breaking her ribs) and ran off with her wallet. Fucking scum. Another of my mates had just left her so was luckily still awake and helped her out. Don’t really hear of this stuff happening here, I’ve always felt so safe walking at night here and all women I know feel the same, so this has shaken her a lot.

In better news, I’m taking my dad and stepmum to see some llamas and alpacas today, having lunch at my favourite restaurant, then we’re gonna watch the Deadwood film and the Champions League final. Should be a good one.

urgh really lost a lot of faith in humanity recently, so much horrible shit happening to wonderful people. I’m gonna go sort that duck thread out

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Ugh that’s awful juuk.

Just about to make bacon sandwiches seeing as past me did a good thing and bought both bacon and bread.


Yes please. Not too crispy and brown sauce, cheers.

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This is really shitty pal, hope she’s ok. And you. Llamas will help.


:Hi5 bacon sarnie buddy. They are the greatest of weekend breakfasts.

I’ve only had 5 hours of sleep fml

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Morning all.

Was going to go get my hair cut first thing, but forgot I’d turned my alarm off, so won’t have time now.

Going to work on my GF’s garden again today, then seeing Liines again tonight.

Morning morning
Sorry to hear about your mate, Juke
Nice to see Built to Spill have enough clout to play Wembley these days

Had a real fuck of a week.
Managed to get a job application in last night. Relieved but didn’t really have time to do it properly. Oh well - might be ok.
Going to celebrate with a pot of tea, a clean of my flat and a bit of food shopping. Beer, chilli and football later.

currently somewhere just outside durham, playing a gig at the castle hotel in manchester tonight, going to be a disgusting tourist and go to almost famous too, if any manchester DiSers are at a loose end this is what we sound like


Ah nice. If you’re around tomorrow morning I’ve a tour at 11am

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have you got a link? how long do they normally last? just our parking for the van will run out just after 12 i think

Still in bed, M is on the second play of Frozen. Should probably get up soon before she gets in a massive TV-induced mood.

Might go to the Quays as there’s a big inflatable light show thingy. CBA today (conversely to most of DiS I don’t like weekends)

Was going to get up early and go to the beach.

Turns out we woke late and will just go for a walk instead to avoid the four hours driving beach entails.

Then it’s chhhhaaammpppiiooonnns V is having his friend round to watch and have a sleepover too so that will be fun.

No cleaning but I might paint our outdoor gardening set.

Oh and sorry about your friend @Joke , be kind to yourself. Llamas are sure to help, would love to be llamaing today,


Lovely stuff

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Yeah but if you want to come don’t pay!

Won’t be done until 1pm though. Don’t worry about coming if you’re not a total nerd though :blush:

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thanks pal!

Ah that’s rubbish i think we’d need to leave by then but next time we’re down i’ll definitely book (and pay!), i already follow and religiously like most of your instagram stuff so i’m most likely a nerd :nerd_face:

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Morning all,

Glorious day! Into Green Park for midday and then at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Don’t really want to spend the day in my own company for reasons and am likely to drive myself beyond sanity… Particularly don’t want to find myself drinking alone this afternoon, that way madness and sadness lies.

Have a good one y’all.

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I’m pretty disappointed that I’m going to be away on the weekend you’re doing the MIF Invisible City walks. Sounds like it will be really interesting.