Saturday morning, who's gonna play with me?

Hiya. It’s the weekend!

It’s too early for real people to be up, @tilty!

This is normally the parent zone.

I’m watching Ceebeebies with The Child. I’m running out of ground coffee but it’s too early to grind some because Wor Lass is ill and in bed.

Football this morning and then drinks with the Glasgow Old Team later.



I’ve been up, albeit in bed, since 6am and down a TikTok rabbit hole :rabbit:

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Morning all

Yes, we’re currently in The Parent Zone: lying in bed while the girls watch videos on YouTube. Gonna go clothes shopping later (got £90 birthday money that I’ve not yet spent two months later). And then going out for dinner with Mrs CCB later.

Also might do a bit of decorating - mainly patching up some plastering for now. Old houses are a pain in the arse in that respect.


Hi. Parent zone crew member checking in. Woken up at 6 by a rattling chesty cough from the kiddo. Been up watching rugby since. Wife wants to go out for a walk, but England are on in an hour. May have to go out.

Last day in #amazingstoke today. Will probably do bugger all and that’s fine with me.

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Morning! @keith is correct but I’m actually getting a lie in while M is up with R :slight_smile: and @colon_closed_bracket I feel your pain, M took some lining paper down yesterday and the wall is shocking (hence the lining paper I guess).

Hope everyone has a great day


Delighted to be childless. Sweet solitudinal bliss.

Edit just realised this sounded far more snarky than I meant it apols


I’m up for Parkrun then my Dad is coming over to do a load of DIY jobs for me because I am useless for lunch


Horsham in West Sussex but if I took a detour now and starting running I could probably be at your one in a fortnight!

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Our house was flooded in 1953, and there’s still salt in the brickwork as a result. This means that you get these bubbly patches every so often from where the salts react with condensation. Plus we’ve got a downstairs bathroom and kitchen so keeping moisture to a minimum is tricky. We’ve done a few things (new passive vents, extractors etc) to help, but it’s a 197 year old house that’s never going to be perfect.

We’ll call it quirky!

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Very hungover. Leaving drinks yesterday

Going to run errands in town and also take photos of stuff cause my camera arrived.

Down to Christchurch for new job stuff tomorrow :grimacing:

Parent crew representative also.

R has been flitting between everything while I try to get him to sit down for breakfast. Really could do with a less chaotic day because I had a really bad meltdown and panic attack on my way home yesterday and I am nowhere near free covered. No idea how I’m going to get through today.

Watching my little pony whilst the littlest one naps. Then when he awakens we’re off to Brighton for the weekend, should be nice! If anyone’s got any recommendations for pizza/other kid friendly food spots for us to get some scran, we’d be grateful :+1:

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In Dorset?

that’s my hometown :slight_smile:

Morning. M coughed all night. So tired.

Work shortly, nope.

This. First time in ages. Kinda want a hug.

Morning 'mills, all,

Woken up in good time to enjoy a robust hangover before the rugby. Currently trying to decide how best to enjoy said rugby and whether or not to make a smoothie prior to watchimg it. I do like smoothies, but am not really begind the idea of that gnome having to wake up quite yet and don’t want her smoothie to go the way smoothies go quite quickly if left undrunk. Might butter a slice of bread or Soreen to tide me over.

Got a wedding evening tonight, so intend to have a mid afternoon meal, which I’d like to be hungry for so fitting all these things in is causing me quite the level of concern. Might just do what i do to all my other concerns and let it play out in real time with both sport and music taking my focus.

Which hostel is it??

Morning tilty, everyone

Today is the start of porridge season in this house

Got a bit of shopping to do and collect some $$$ for hols next week

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