Saturday Morning


I slept for ten hours. My sore throat isn’t as bad but I am coughing.

How did you sleep? What are you doing?


morning keith you absolute beauty!

I’m drinking a coffee and listening to the new grandaddy, going to go for a 10 mile walk in half an hour with some friends around a castle or some shit.



Hiya Keith! Hope you feel better soon :slight_smile: lots of sleep is definitely the way forward.

I slept quite badly, the bf woke up with chest pains at 4 in the morning and I was a bit concerned he was dying… he wasn’t, he was fine, it was just a pulled muscle and after some painkillers he managed to sleep but still :scream: took me a while to doze off again.

Was going to go to a gym class at 9 but I’m thinking I’m going to go at 10 considering that’s in 15 mins! Woke up with this in my brain, total TUNE!! -


Like is for Skid Row, not chestpains

Got to drive daughter somewhere in a mo and she’s hogging the bathroom

Might just drive her in PJ bottoms and a hoody

Day of jobs ahead. Drive By Truckers tonight


P.S. Going to go get a coffee and wander around this later too :monkey: :monkey_face: wooooo Saturday!!


Slept disjointedly. Hotel in Leeds with the world’s hardest mattress. About to have a full english, then off to view flats. Wish us luck (because I can’t be arsed coming back up to look another weekend)


I slept in my coat.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool RubbishSleep


loughborough beer festival today, leaving the house in 5

gentlemans dub club were excellent last night, as per


good night? :smiley:


Slept alright. Still tired though.

About to head off into the deepest darkest Fens. If I don’t make it back, I wish to leave my account to Balonz. He’ll know what to do.


Waiting at Vöcklabruck station for a train to Salzburg. I can assure you after a week here that almost nothing happens in Vöcklabruck. Almost no trains stop here either. I did manage to pick up a stinking cold off the kids though which is hopefully nearly gone. Return to the UK temporarily tomorrow for the first time since mid Jan.


Nice lazy morning. Watching super rugby, then the cycling later. Best friend and her husband are coming along from Bristol this evening. So going out for pizzer and drinks


I got very… tired.


Stayed up late to see the last MLA returned, thankfully was Clare Bailey of the Green Party instead of the DUP. Now it just remains to be seen what SF/DUP do with these results.

Could go to a gig to see crywank tonight but it seems like a lot of hassle


Excellent amount of detail there… sounds like a good night :stuck_out_tongue: !!


Got many plans for when you’re back?


I’m not sure if anyone else has said this, but I wish your avatar was symmetrical! Although I can imagine it as a Pacman eating a square face.


Up early enough. Going to collect some brochures in a few minutes. Have to do a few laps of the city distributing everything.

Slept for a solid eight hours last night. Seriously after calming it down on the drink the last few days which has helped.


Zero. I go to Japan on Thursday, so I’ll have some much needed down time. I’m staying with my mum, but she’s also away on holiday with her partner, so I’ll have the house beautifully to myself.