SaTURDay morning



Not sure why im awake. Went to a friend’s house last night to play videogames and he made us dinner. He drank 3 big bottles of leffe, I’m concerned for his hangover this morning. He doesn’t drink often.

Anyway. How many poos you had today?

What you up to today?

All the important questions


Morning! Merry Dydd Sadwrn to all.

Woke up at half five, got up, working most of the day, already been at it for nearly an hour having previously done some cleaning. It is grey here. I’m drinking cold-brew coffee because we’re out of milk. I really just want a standard tea. Have had breakfast already. Getting questions fired at me by our daughter along the lines of ‘Do I have a hat?’ which she full-well knows the answers to. She is watching a Christmas film, she doesn’t care that it is July.

Zero poos thus far, muchisimas gracias. Sounds like you had a good evening!


No poos at the moment. I woke up at 3.45am and again at 8 and I’m slightly hungover. Went to a brewery taproom, didn’t drink much but enough, and one of them was 9.9%.

Ears are blocking up, so I need to pour some olive oil in there stat.



Off camping in 86 minutes overnight. Didn’t drink last night and about to go for a poo.

Then finish packing, pick a few bits up on the way.


On way home from last night, getting picked up in an hour for a stag do in Moffat.
My pal has managed to reunite a Glasgow band who broke up a good while ago for a gig at the stag later, can’t wait :grinning:
I am knackered right enough


Waiting for my mum’s bday present to be delivered then off to drop it at the rents. Spending the day with family then meeting my mate tonight for a pint and to teach him how to mix a beat.

Full day but empty between now and whenever the prezzie turns up, which is frustrating af cos I have nowt to do.


Waiting for my train down to ascot for a lads lads lads day at the races :horse::horse::horse::horse::horse::horse::horse::horse::horse:


the photo on facebook of @andyvine holding up a sign with his gf’s name at the airport has already made my day so its all downhill from here


Off to Leeds


Up early to go to band practice, then off to the pub to watch the tennis, then out for a #lads night out for a mate’s bday. Not poo’d yet today, sorry.


Want to cook myself a breakfast but housemate is hogging the kitchen.

Going to see Full of Hell and a bunch of other good bands this afternoon.


Morning yugs.

Zero poos, but one is coming. Do I need to inform you when I drop?

Got some jus roll pain au chocolats to bake. Then do some work.

Then through to Edinburgh for some nice food/beer. Then on to some afrobeat/talking heads thing that @cutthelights gave me his ticket to so he could swan off to Skye. Listened to Stop Making Sense 3 times yesterday so really looking forward to it.


Just dropped my first load :ok_hand:





No poos so far. Bit poo-less at the moment from being ill.

I am going to a vegan beer fest then off to my mums later for a BBQ. I want to stay in bed all day tho cause I feel like crap.


Eurgh you’re all talking about poo


Ne pas de poo.

Working today. Stayed up late as hell playing AC: Syndicate with both kittens sleeping on me. At the time I felt like life had peaked. Right now I can barely raise my eyelids past halfway

Lunchtime with a friend who is loaning me her cool as shit mandolin though. Then evening carnage with Germans who are visiting! WOOP!


One poo. I was pleased with it.

Off to some opticians around London too look at frames for glasses. My usual opticians has very generic frames. Such an exciting life I lead.


Morning all!

I’ve just had coffee and flapjacks.

I’m playing football in a bit and then waiting for my mother and sister to arrive.

My bowel movements are none of your concern, thanks.