Saturday morning!

I am up and out earlier than I’d ever be for a working day cause my class now starts at 8:30am instead of 12 so that means getting on the 7:38 train. WTF.

What you up to today?
What’s for breakfast?
Will @Antpocalypsenow have a coffee on the weekend??


Alright meo, good luck for the spin class. Bloody love some early exercise on the weekends, I never felt guilty for absolutely destroying myself if I’d done a bit in the morning.

Got loads of tidying to do before 6 uni pals arrive, 10 years on from us graduating. Going to the pub isn’t it.



Need to nip to the shop for some breakfast items. Not sure what to get… :man_shrugging:

I do not think @Antpocalypsenow will drink coffee this weekend

Today I’m

  1. Off for a run (15km)
  2. Maybe watch a film this aft
  3. Off to a mates for some food
  4. Off to the house of Suarez vogue ball

What class you got today?

I can’t believe how dedicated you are to exercise classes. 8.30 would have been the point I found another hobby.

I’m at my parents’ this morning so crumpets for breakfast.

I meet my sister’s baby later and watch my daughter boss him around, so that’ll be good. Then drive back to Glasgow so I can drink beer and watch football.

Another vote for NO in the @Antpocalypsenow coffee sweepstake.

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15km rub! Nice

I have a 45 min peloton class and then an hour of boot camp/hiit. Then I need to avoid the other teacher who will try to drag me into another spin class after.


I put some goji berries in my porridge and for some reason it made it taste of miso :nauseated_face:

Nothing on today, so a usual Saturday.

Morning Meo and everyone else.

I’m awake with the intention of going for a nice long walk by the river. Properly irked that for the whole of 2018 is been really nice weather during the week (especially on Fridays) and then shit weather on the weekend. What’s that all about?

Going to watch some top level hockey later and then I have a party to go to tonight that involves either driving and not drinking or about £70 worth of taxis.

Been up since 5:20. Looooooll
Might see if a neighbour can have Jnr so I can go for a run

I had banana and peanut butter in mine. Didn’t get the mix right yesterday but it was perfect today.

Morning. working 11.30-8 today then HOLIDAY!!!


Morning all!
Wide awake for some reason after getting in from work at 12 and staying up drinking Guinness and listening to the new Go Team. Might get out for a long walk on my now gout-free foot and make the most of it. Sausage sandwich for breakfast I reckon then some kind of massive lunch before work again at 4.

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Just got in from work.
Got some giant pancakes from co op for the boy
Might go to a quite far away soft play with a 3 year old and 2 month old. That might not be great though

Morning! Taking my daughter to her swimming lesson then hopefully going to finally get the last bits of decorating in the bathroom finished.

Had toast & Nutella for breakfast at about 6:30 so ready for second breakfast now!


Still in bed.

Plan for today:

:up: :coffee: :shower: :hammer_and_wrench::bike: :rugby_football: :coffee: :coffee: :sleeping:

Emojis don’t really capture my day. Basically need to sort out the bits we got in Ikea last night, and also sort / check / clean my bike for tomorrow’s 200km. Interspersed with loads of coffee (bag via my new subscription arrived yesterday) and rugby watching.

Leaving shortly to get the train, with Clive, to go and visit friends in Brighton. :slight_smile:

Morning! That Rob Delaney statement properly made me cry this morning. So horrible and unimaginable.



Had my first good night’s sleep for about a week last night. Feeling pretty decent.

Driving back to Wales to see my folks later this morning. Need to pack stuff and get ready but CBA.

I’ve got such a drouth. All the water/juice in the world can’t quench this.

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Gordon Ramsay is sat two tables over from me eating at his Plane Food restaurant at Heathrow. Only 3 hours until my flight home.

He’s sat under a giant screen of him cooking. This has really tickled me.