Saturday morning

Hello. It is day two of Epimer’s Big Nerdy Weekend.

Yesterday’s tournament didn’t go brilliantly, but I dropped out two rounds from the end because the organisation was a shitshow and it was going to run past midnight. Fuck that.

Today I will be playing a Star Wars card and dice game where my main dude is that really incongruous Glaswegian from The Force Awakens.

What are you all up to?

Last day at my job! Feel mainly sad because I’ll miss working with lots of people, but I’m staying in the same building so will see them around occasionally :+1:

GL @Epimer

Chore day for me today:

Got about five loads of washing to do
Need to go to the sorting office
Need to get some curtains and a curtain pole
Aldi shop
Clean flat


Hay-fever today is horrendous. Pretty sure I have bees in my eyes.



Off to London today to watch Matabeleland thrash some Romanians with @aboynamedgoo

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My anxiety is off the charts lately. Having really terrible dreams too that swing between ones about being cheated on to ones where my mate is trying to decapitate someone. Crikey.

I’m having a nostalgia trip watching Rugrats, don’t remember it being so trippy or that Mark Mothesbaugh did the music. Also, I fancy Tommy’s dad.

Not really any plans this weekend but I’m off to see Waxahatchee next week with my ATD :heart_eyes:


hi scout! :slight_smile:

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Really don’t remember anybody Scottish in Star Wars, are you sure this is a real thing?

got a mate coming over today to discuss some music things.

Just eating a banana in my pants right now though

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the banana isn’t in my pants this sounds a bit naughty


Boy howdy I’m hungover. Saw shellac play some songs last night. Was stood in front of Steven Albini and it was Good.

I shouldn’t be awake. Time for hotel breakfast, solpadeine, and another few hours kip.



He’s the fella who goes on about Kanji Klub on the Millennium Falcon, and Fin and Rae release that big tentacle monster.

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don’t remember any of that

Weather in Glasgow is warm. Wor Lass has invited all of her family for an early birthday BBQ for The Child. My mother is staying overnight. It’s probably going to thunder.

Still haven’t started my marking.

He has a bottle of Buckfast in one hand and a can of irn bru in the other.


ah that’s right!

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Still drunk so the hangover is looking like it will hit when my niece turns up.