Saturday morning

I’ve very much enjoyed this chat about the black metal band Liturgy, where we have ascertained that they are good through the medium of swearing

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Lovely int’it?

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are there screens so you can watch all the holes?

Guys it is no longer saturday morning

Not with that attitude it’s not

Can’t find it, but please someone take this to the thread for posts that are funny out of context.

Type in context and it’s the first result



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Why is it still so hot, why can’t I sleep?

I’m watching a terrible film called Bad Match

Well Courtney Barnett was fucking amazing

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alright m9s?

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What’s wrong? :frowning:

nothing in particular lol

just wanting to chat. how’s you?

fuck im bored

Ah okay, GOOD.

I am feeling a bit like I shouldnt have mixed all the dregs of my fridge/drinks cabinet to make cocktails and I am also regretting the decision to consume half a block of melty cheese on a single slice of bread :smiley: I also started watching friends :grimacing: it really is a bit awful isn’t it?

In conclusion, I’ve had a pretty brilliant night thanks!

Eaten loads but still starving

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sounds okay tbf

mmm melty cheese :yum:

Ah man, you’re one of the good ones. Lots more mountains to climb. Love you japesy. Xxx



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