Saturday morning

friends is good!


is it tho


Finished all the beer.

Bed or whiskey?

Please note: i will have to deal with a 5 year old in 6 hours.

  • Whiskey
  • Bed

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Think I’ve got either mice in my walls or very big spiders under my bed



could be seagulls

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Ive got ants in the kitchen :grimacing:

what ama gon do


If I for a second thought the noise behind the walls at my mums was giant spiders I would be leaving the country.

I’m sorry to tell you I suspect you definitely have giant spiders

I know for sure there’s those big thin spiders underneath my bed and I’m ok with it I’m just surprised I can hear them? :thinking:

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Thanks I was already struggling to get to sleep :slightly_frowning_face:

don’t google ‘giant spiders’

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My mum gifted me a spider vacuum. I haven’t seen one since she gave me it so I like to think they got the message to not bother me :grimacing: :spider:

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Might go and sleep in the other room

Aww laelfy!! I’m sure it’s nothing.

100% sure its giant spider

rip laelfy

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Was delighted to have seen a rat moseying along the street earlier today. I miss living in the countryside so I’ll take what wild life I can!!

john robins fan?

golden brown is a tune innit